C2C Festival Food and Drink: German Doner Kebab – An Impressive New Chain of Delicious Fast Food with A Lot of Variety.

Food for Thought at Next C2C Festival

We are usually so busy during C2C Festival at The O2 in London that we forget to stop and eat. The crowds also make it quite tricky as queues are very long.

This year however we made a conscious effort to eat each day. There are so many new food outlets at the O2 now that you are spoiled for choice and it does make finding something to eat less of a challenge.

One of the new places that we tried this year was German Doner Kebab. This place was totally new to us so we were rather intrigued. Not a fan of doner meat usually, we were curious to see what they had to offer that would satisfy us.

It is a quick service restaurant but you can eat inside if so wish. They offer an online click and collect service, you can order by their order screens on entry or you can order at the till.

The menu is impressive. It ranges from Doner Kebabs, Doner Burgers, Doner Quesadilla, Doner Wraps. Doner Boxes (which include meat, fries, salad and other options and are easy to walk around with). You can get Veggie Burgers, Veggie Kebabs, Spring Rolls, Nachos, Chilli Cheese Bites, Fries, Flaming Fries, Curry Fries and more.

Veggie Burger

With so much choice it was difficult to decide what to have and well….we couldn’t have it all.

We opted for a Veggie Burger, a Veggie Kebab, Doner Burger and Flaming Fries. We also got one of each of the sauces which included their Signature Spicy Sauce, Signature Garlic Sauce and Signature Yoghurt Sauce.

The food was delicious and more than satisfying for a quick service restaurant.

The Veggie Burger was very tasty with salad and sauce and the flaming fries were flavoursome and the right amount of hot. The fries also tasted good with all the dips/sauces.

The Veggie Kebab (I was told) was also a very welcomed treat with a lot of flavour making it very appetising.

The Doner Burger (I was told) was far superior to your usual doner kebab and also held a lot of flavour that hit every taste bud in the most wonderful way.

We watched each item being freshly made with a lot of care and detail. The restaurant was very clean and staff were incredibly attentive and handled large queues exceptionally well and at a fast pace considering all the food outlets were very overwhelmed. No one was waiting long for their food so could be a good idea to grab something here before heading into the main arena and spending twice as much for half the quality and triple the time.

Friendly and helpful, the staff worked well as a team communicating well with each other and with customers. The separate queues for click and collect and till service did not get in the way of each other.

Overall, we think that German Doner Kebab is an impressive new chain of delicious fast food with a lot of variety. Everything ran smoothly and the food was hot and fresh and the heat of the food lasted on our walk from German Doner Kebab to our hotel at the O2.

Thank you to a wonderful team at the O2 Arena branch whom made our experience on Saturday 12th March 2022 wonderful. We highly recommend it to O2 Arena guests especially at C2C Festival to stop by. The queues were fast paced and dealt with efficiently.

We will definitely be back and to try something new.

I’m thinking Chilli Cheese Bites and a Quesadilla….

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