Twinnie – Welcome to the Club – Single Review

Twinnie has released the first single of her new collection of songs that are said to be released across Spring and Summer. The single titled Welcome to the Club was written by Twinnie, Phil Barton and Lindsay Rhymes and it was produced by Ben Johnson.

Instantly catchy, Welcome To The Club will no doubt be in your head all day long. It’s a fun and uplifting song which many people will relate to and you will find that you can’t help but sing along to it obnoxiously loud!

A song that belongs in an energetic club environment (as the title suggests) as well as cranked up loud in your car and homes, we can imagine that this will be a much requested song at country music club nights which will bring country fans together in unity raising their drinks and dancing merrily.

The song and video are said to be of an emotional journey of self acceptance as Twinnie states that she has felt like an outsider most of her life.

Twinnie says, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

The accompanying video shows a group of people who are completely different from one another but are of course all of the same “outsiders” club. The video is bright and bubbly with familiar faces to many which is always interesting to see and makes you watch it a few times because so much as blink and you can miss someone you know. I am yet to spot our friend Brendan.

It’s easy for us to instantly think that it’s hard to believe that Twinnie can relate to how many of us feel most of the time ( in terms of not feeling like we belong and so on) but then again that’s an assumption so many of us make these days and probably shouldn’t. Twinnie released a statement explaining her reasoning for feeling like an outsider and how her background of being raised in two different worlds (the Romany gypsy travelling community and a traditional British upbringing) made her feel like she didn’t belong in either world and how it left her confused about who she was. Read the much more detailed statement here.

Twinnie is a hard worker! All of her up and coming music including Welcome to the Club were written, recorded and produced in Nashville where Twinnie has been working back and forth over the past few years. Twinnie was one of the fortune ones whom was able to travel to and work in Nashville for a number of months during the height of the pandemic so we can expect a string of fresh, vibrant, well crafted songs given the high calibre of songwriters she wrote with during this time.

The message that Welcome to the Club brings also coincides with her vision for I Know A Woman. Women within the industry are treated somewhat like outsiders (to put it lightly) a lot of the times and I Know a Woman is a platform to support music professionals.

As taken directly from the website, I KNOW A WOMAN is a music collective with a global initiative, an ever changing roster of music makers with the goal to create more opportunity, a sense of community and support. Our main mission is to standardise therapy within label and publishing deals and create HR access for creatives.

As songwriters and artists, we have seen first hand an industry that treats it’s creators like numbers instead of people. Women especially have been encouraged to be competitive rather than collaborative. We believe there is enough room for everyone and we can all have a helping hand in creating fruitful and meaningful opportunities for one another.

I Know A Woman is a home for all music makers and professionals. We seek to create a global network of like minded men & women to offer an empowering space to be seen, heard, and supported. It Is our hope that our vision extends beyond the music and entertainment industry.

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