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Carly Pearce – 29: Written In Stone – Album Review

It’s somewhat despairing when an artists greatest work comes from their most painful experiences but from those experiences comes honesty, depth, relatability and for many people support. If a song can help even just one person then surely some light has come from that dark? After all they say a problem shared is a problem halved.

Having the bravery to broadcast your life, your mistakes, your heartbreaks and admitting to the world that you’re heartbroken and vulnerable like Carly Pearce has in her album 29: Written In Stone is something to be admired and will hopefully help fans to deal with their own heartache and encourage anyone who is struggling to cope with a painful experiences to seek help.

It can’t be easy to have news outlets tell the world about your life, the things you don’t want people to know about, the humiliating short lived journeys you wish you could just sweep under a rug and forget. But what better way is there to share your side of the story and your truth than in an album full of sensationally free-spoken tracks that not only helps heal yourself and the broken but also places you in a better light as both a person and a musician?

29: Written In Stone is Carly’s masterpiece. A fan of her first two albums I have always felt there was something missing from Pearce, something a little off and little false as if she wasn’t allowing herself to be open as much as she needed. Sure we had Every Little Thing which I still think is one of the most heartbreakingly honest and beautiful songs in country music but she just didn’t seem to have found herself completely in her music and perhaps was holding back but in this album she delivered, boy did she deliver!

First of all this is Country Music! Thank you Carly for bringing some really strong traditional sounds to the genre again!

From the sassy and fun lovin’ revenge type song with a deliciously addictive chorus Diamondback to the stunning and painful yet optimistic ballad I Want To Mean It This Time. This album is special from start to finish and is full of exquisite songs that are lyrically and sonically divine. There are too many songs to review individually but we do love an album with a generous track listing especially when the album has no fillers. All single worthy and equally worthy for song of the year, I can imagine picking singles from 29: Written In Stone must have been incredibly difficult.

What He Didn’t Do caught our attention immediately! A country ballad at its best. The song as the title suggests focuses on the negatives of what a partner didn’t do in a relationship and perhaps should have done!

The recently released duet with Ashley McBrydeNever Wanted to be That Girl is phenomenal and we LOVE a collaboration. Carly and Ashley’s vocals blend so perfectly together. Strong country women with those born country tones, this song is such a hit! Is it too early to predict Musical event of the year at the CMA Awards?

Dear Miss Loretta is one of the most fun track’s off the album and has that way about it that screams Grand Ole Opry and Ryman and really proves Carly’s artistry within the country music genre being set/written in stone. This is where she belongs and Opry clearly agree as she is now a member.

Should’ve Known Better is a fast favourite with a folky feel that blends beautifully with its country base.

The brutally honest and raw and somewhat admitting defeat title track 29 made its mark the moment it was released on the previous release titled just 29. It’s such a groundbreaking song showing so much vulnerability and facing life’s truths and hitting bumps in the road you never saw coming.

Day One speaks of getting through a break up and taking each day at a time and facing the judgements etc. Melodically beautiful and another painfully truthful song.

Curious about all the tracks? Check it out! We love it all! Release September 17th!

Carly is really proving her potential Country Queen status here and deservedly so! She is the epitome of country music and 29: Written In Stone is the essence, the soul and the bones of it!

Carly Pearce has arrived and she is here to stay!

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