Taylor Swift – You All Over Me – Review

As a massive Swiftie, having Taylor re- release her music is incredibly exciting. I will never tire of different versions of her songs. Original swifties have all been wanting her to release songs from the vault for years and (although we shouldn’t) many of us traded unreleased songs years ago and have albums worth of songs from Debut and Fearless era so now having some released officially is like a dream! Will we ever hear that song Nashville that no one seemed to have?

Country Taylor is my favourite Taylor. That being said all her music has always been fantastic and incredibly smart lyrically and sonically because she knows what works – she knows what is current and she knows exactly how to connect with all her fans in her music.  But her country twang, her girl next door/best friend appeal really made Fearless even more loveable.

You All Over Me is Taylor all over.  I loved the Fearless era so much and this song is the best kind of trip down memory lane. (The Fearless tour, the song trades, the UK tv appearances such as Paul O’Grady show, the merchandise, the festivals (V Festival) the old website with the forum,) everything! What a journey it has been!

The instrumentation to You all over Me  is spot on! The twangs of the fiddle and the banjo, pedal steel guitar and catchy chord progression that made the Fearless songs so infectious are still in force here (although not sure fiddle is in this song)

The melody is sweet and innocent and somewhat vulnerable but at the same time mature especially in its chorus. At first I thought this was just her original demo polished because her vocals were so similar to how they were back then with her slight southern twang and the vocal imperfections but I think she is trying to stay as close to the original as possible. Taylor has done the right thing by not changing too much of the original sound of all her “Taylor’s Versions” songs. The point of course is to re release these songs as close to the original as possible so that people no longer buy her music under her previous label so that she can obtain all the royalties and rights necessarily as she own the masters to all the new versions.

Taylor’s voice has matured and improved so much over the years but I do love her imperfect  vocals from way back when too so it’s nice to hear that southern sound she had back then which is almost lost now. I don’t know what it is about her voice but it was always just so homely and inviting. It still is but that old style, it was just so captivating.

Although I do like the gimmicky songs, the songs where she writes from the heart is where her talent truly lies and this song is such a good example of that. There is a reason people say that Taylor is a genre within herself and that’s because there’s no one out there like her, she has her own style that is just so unique that I struggle to describe it really. Yes I am gushing but hey, I won’t be the first and certainly not the last to do so.

is an era that will be so sacred in so many peoples memories. It’s funny how music does that to you but these songs, they really do mean more to people than some will understand.

You All Over Me  features Maren Morris on harmonies which is the perfect addition to this track and as a huge swiftie herself must have been an incredible moment for Maren.

What songs can we expect next? Not just from Fearless but other album vaults? Dark Blue Tennessee? This Is Really Happening? One Thing? We Were Happy?

I would be happy with anything though.


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