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Morgan Wade – Reckless – Album Review

Right now, wherever you turn and whoever you speak to in the realm of country and Americana, there is one name on everyone’s lips and her name is Morgan Wade! The 26-year-old from Floyd in Virginia has just released her ten-track debut solo album “Reckless” through Thirty Tigers and people are really paying attention based on the depth of her songwriting and her vocal prowess.

Raised in the Blue Ridge mountains and in addition to the typical bluegrass centred community, it was the influence of Elvis Presley which really shaped her musical upbringing whilst Americana as a genre wasn’t a discovery until her senior year in high school. The journey to delivering this debut album (which comes after her earlier work with her backing band The Stepbrothers) has not happened overnight. After performing at a festival, she caught the attention of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit which spawned a partnership with Sadler Vaden who would become the producer for this record.

The magic which Wade and Vaden created with Paul Ebersold who engineered this record is really powerful, it brings in so many elements but brings all of these perspectives together. Her sound and her storytelling is influenced by her raising on bluegrass but intertwining the pop, the rock, the country and everything just completes this raw and honest perspective that can touch everyone.

This is a record written by someone self-described herself as a different person who recorded it two years ago which reflects the journey from being “Reckless” through the dark and light which is so poignant, it hits hard and it really brings something that you will relate to. She is still the same person but her story really transcribes and connects so universally. “Don’t Cry” is the song that you gravitate to if you have had your own journey, it’s deep and you can’t move away from it but it grabs you and speaks to you, yet the whole record does not keep you in that reflective perspective.

This is an album that portrays so much. It is completely raw and unfiltered, it is pure, it is honest, it is a completely cohesive story which is majestically pieced together and it really grabs you, which through storytelling which is so real emphasises who she is and what she wanted to say.

1. Wilder Days
2. Matches and Metaphors
3. Other Side
4. Don’t Cry
5. Mend
6. Last Cigarette
7. Take Me Away
8. Reckless
9. Northern Air
10. Met You

Morgan Wade’s debut album “Reckless” is out now through Thirty Tigers which you can find HERE to stream or download. To find out more about Morgan, make sure you check her out on Twitter Instagram or Facebook


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