Single Review: Ryan Kinder featuring Brandy Clark and Jerry Douglas – Tired of Flying

Some reviews are so hard to do; you’re not quite sold on a song, it isn’t that memorable or you haven’t connected with the artist yet or for any other number of reasons. Then, you get those reviews that just come so easy for all the right reasons such as; The song is awesome, the artist has you from the get go and or the artist has so much going for them that you can ramble on for ever.

Well Ryan Kinder is one of those artists that I want to ramble on forever about. His music makes me want to stop random people on the street and say “Hey man you have got to listen to this” but of course with it being what it is in the world right now I can’t, even if it wasn’t it might not be considered proper etiquette so instead, I will just shout it from the pages of my website, from social media and to anyone I know.

So I was already a fan of Ryan Kinder but hearing him team up with Brandy Clark was and still is just a magical moment which let’s face it, we all need right now. Music is a healer after all.

This song, Tired of Flying which also features Jerry Douglas is country music heaven. Two sensational voices blended beautifully together as well as standing out so strongly on their own is just so dang, so dang…ok so I can’t even think of a word to give it justice so just trust me and listen to it!

I assume if you are a country fan then you are already a Brandy Clark fan and I am hoping that you are a Ryan Kinder fan too but if not then please check him out as he has not only one of the best vocals in country music but in music in general. His rugged,rocky edged, bluesy vocals are so strong that you can hear him fit in to almost any genre. With Kinders music being a bit of a mix in genres anyway, it isn’t that hard to see why we say that. Live, he is something else and is also a wicked cool guitar player so I hope it won’t be long before we get live shows again.

Tired of Flying was written and produced by Kinder with Justin Morgan and Luke Sheets.

The song from the start has a cinematic feel to it and you can picture the track being featured as a very prominent feature in a films credits. Tired of Flying is a stunning ballad with a gorgeous melody made greater with its strong instrumentation which of course is where Jerry Douglas can be held credible.

As well as harmonies from the start, Brandy Clark steps in for the second verse and as usual her distinctive vocals take you to a place that is truly magical. An emotive tone that can’t be taught, Brandy has a natural ability to make you believe every word she sings.

I adore this song, it is so refreshing to have such a real, authentic song out that resonates both lyrically and sonically. The somewhat somber words really hit home and are painfully beautiful.

As I look out the window I wonder where the sparrow
Goes to find shelter from the storm
Does that blue gray sky get tired of crying?
Does that lonely bird get tired of flying?

As I listen to these lyrics especially in times such as these I do remind myself to slow down and to not give up! We all feel a bit tired and fed up at the moment and at times we feel we can’t concentrate on ourselves and forget to care about our own well being but things will get better.


Kinder is set to release two albums this year. Can we say “FINALLY” politely? But we have been waiting so long so this is great news. Ryan has said one will be tilted Ontology.

On•tol•o•gy-a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them.

The first of two albums I’ll begin to release this year! Ontology is a collaboration album with some of my favorite people. I wanted to do a collaboration record unlike the rest. Instead of having people join me on songs I record, I wanted to get into the headspace of the collaborator and tailor the song to their style.

I am unbelievably excited to start releasing songs from this record”.

Well he has certainly captured Brandy Clarks stylings in Tired of Flying and I hope the song does well. I am certainly intrigued as to whom he will be working with on the rest of the album and from the sounds of it, it will be totally different from song to song and be very fitting in with what I said above about Kinder suiting any style.

We cannot wait!

Stream Tired of Flying here

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