Single Review: Harleymoon Kemp – Lucky

UK country singer/songwriter Harleymoon Kemp really digs her heels into the traditional side of country music with her new single Lucky. Blended beautifully with a fun pop edge, this song is so much fun and bound to get you dancin’ in your cowboy boots. It screams honky-tonk Nashville nights and we wanna be at a honky-tonk enjoying it right now.

I feel that Harleymoon had a lot of fun making this track and it certainly shows in her vocals. Speaking of her vocals, Lucky shows a much stronger vocal range from Kemp and a lot more confidence too.

I am really enjoying this fun-lovin’ track and already have it stuck in my head. A song that is bound to be insane live, let’s hope it’s not too soon before that becomes a reality. I feel this is where Harleymoon sits best and hope she continues to release more tunes like this.

The upbeat track speaks of happiness despite being a terrible year and she feels lucky for all she has.

Written with Justyna Kelley you can Download Lucky here

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