Stories Behind The Songs – The Live Version – Rachel Reinert – Ocean

Photo Credit: Susan Berry

Rachel Reinert has been a favourite to BOON for many years, even before we started. One of the strongest vocals in country music, Rachel brings such a delightful tone to her music and a powerfully emotive feel that makes you believe every word she sings.

In a time where the entire world is facing the same crisis, music is a wonderful release that we need if only for a moment.

Rachel (whilst on lockdown) has kindly shared an acoustic home version of her stunning song Ocean from her debut solo album Into The Blue. Rachel shares the story behind the track and is accompanied by her husband Caleb Crosby on keys.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard Rachel’s debut solo album Into The Blue then I highly recommend a listen, and what better time to soak up not just some country music goodness but some stunning, breathtaking tunes than now (with many of us on lockdown). The album is an exceptional mix of dazzling and captivating tunes including her debut single Cool which is fresh, uplifting with am exciting 80’s/90’s twist that fits perfectly within modern times. Rachel’s ability to blend country and pop seems so natural and she is without a doubt an artist that should not be overlooked and in fact celebrated.

Rachel began her country music career with the band Gloriana and released three sensational albums with them. Choosing to go solo wasn’t an easy task for her and she was met with many obstacles along the way. However, I am sure you will agree that the path she chose was the correct one and her music does not disappoint.

Stream Into The Blue here

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