Una Healy – Strangers – Single Review

Una Healy last week released her most personal single yet titled Strangers. The song comes straight from the heart and is one of if not the bravest work that Una has ever done. With the painful personal experiences Una has recently been through, it is hard not to  read into the lyrics and make assumptions to what the song is about.

Una knows country music is all about three chords and the truth and pouring your heart out to your fans and telling it like it is. The beautiful yet melancholic ballad has a strong country feel to it and Una’s voice really shines on this song more so than her others and sadly I guess meaning every word you sing brings out a stronger vocal as it is more real. The really deep and painful lyrics really pull at the heartstrings and anyone who can sadly relate will not doubt be filled with tears but hopefully find comfort in the song.

Of the song, Una says: “I have always expressed myself through my songwriting and ‘Strangers’ is probably the most personal and honest song I’ve ever written. While the last few months have been very tough, aside from my incredible family and friends, music is what’s helped me get through it. I hope this song helps anyone else going through a similar situation.”

Written by Una, along with Alex Maile and Laura Oakes, Strangers shows the Irish singer-songwriter expressing her feelings on her recent tough year through her music. Una has been a regular in the studio over the last few months, putting a start to her second solo album and Strangers, produced by Maile, is her first new music to be released in 2019.

While her primary focus over the recent months has been her family, and working on her new album, Una has also revealed some other exciting news and collaborations. This week Una was announced as the new Saturday morning presenter on soon Bauer radio station Country Hits launching early April. She also recently guest-hosted Ireland’s Six O’Clock show and launched the third range of own shoe collection, Una Healy – Original Collection.

Una released her debut solo album, The Waiting Game, in 2017, and worked with some of the world’s most acclaimed songwriters and producers, including Grammy winner Amy Wadge and Ben Earle from The Shires. The album weaved magnetic folk, pop and rock melodies into echoes of the country music she grew up with and is available to stream on Spotify here. Una found fame as one fifth of successful girl band The Saturdays who sold over 5 million records worldwide and racked up 13 Top 10 singles and 5 Top 10 albums in just 6 years.


Tell me
Did I ever really get to know you
Did you really care for me like your supposed to
Oh did you

Every word you said to me was empty
Broken every promise that you made me
No We can’t save this

After all the memories and everything we had
Even after all these years
were back where we began

I guess everything I gave was not enough
Gave you my whole heart but tell me was it love
For you
I will not regret I gave my all
Strangers when we met
Now strangers at the end

You told me
I was yours and you were mine solely
Never wanted to believe all those stories
Yeah that they told me

You made feel like I was going crazy
Believing all those lies that you fed me
No I wasn’t crazy

So Save your breath
There’s nothing left worth keeping anyway
We are so much better off
To go our separate ways


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