Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Carly Pearce – London O2 – Live Review

Ever since Carly Pearce released her single Every Little Thing from her debut record with the same title, fans have been dying for her to come to the UK. With Carly being on Big Machine Records, we were confident this would happen as they are very good at bringing their acts over here.

Carly is one of the most promising rising stars in UK country music at the moment and is one of the few women who actually gets a fair bit of radio play in the states.

Opening the set with Careless, Carly had the audience in the palm of her hand and strutted around the stage with sass. Engaging with the crowd and looking stunning, Carly was meant for the main stage and it won’t be long beofre she creeps up higher on the billing and maybe  one day, after another album or two, a headliner. Carly’s music appeals to all ages so a headline slot in the future isn’t too far fetched, especially as she has the whole package on the stage.

Carly knew how to engage the audience and keep them going. Some stand out moments came from Everybody Gonna Talk and her fun version of Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman which ensured an O2 sing a long. Current single Closer To You went down a treat and we all cheered to the Michael Ray shout out. Another stand out moment was of course Every Little Thing. A massive cheer came after she thanked her ex for doing what he did and she flaunted her engagement ring from fiancé Michael Ray. The song is so stunning and was delivered in a beautifully emotional way and really showcased her vocals. Carly was never going to leave us on a down tempo tune and lifted everyone’s spirits up again with the fun Hide The Wine and its incredibly catchy melody.

I felt that Carly was just getting really into it and feeling the crowd more and gaining more confidence just as her set was coming to a close so it was such as shame that she wasn’t on for longer.

Hopefully though, Carly will come over for a headline show of her own and we can see her in front of her very own audience and really letting go and for much longer.

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