C2C Festival 2019

Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Brett Eldredge – London O2 Arena – Live Review

I missed Brett Eldredge the very first time he played in the UK. I had just given birth to my son about two weeks before so can be excused. Due to missing his show, I was excited to finally get the chance to see him and I had no idea what to expect.

Playing on the Friday in the O2 Arena London, Brett had a great slot sandwiched in between Cam and headliner Keith Urban. The placing was somewhat perfect as Brett was not just a wonderful warm up for Keith Urban (another artist we had waited a long time for) but he turned out to be headliner worthy himself. What a showman!

Kicking things off with the song Lose My Mind, the song’s rocky edge boomed throughout the O2 Arena and got everyone up from their seats and moving, in fact so much so, I am not sure that I sat down once from Brett’s set to the end of Keith’s.

Brett was clearly taking advantage of this moment and making sure he was giving his UK fans all of him in a live setting. Something I’m Good At followed and Brett’s energy had him bouncing around the stage like Tigger and his voice was zesty and infectious.

The first Queen cover of the weekend (as Drake White covered Fat Bottomed Girls) Brett had the whole of the O2 singing along to Crazy Little Thing Called Love and as you are aware, that song is highly energised and great to dance too. Whether you are a Queen fan or not, you can bet Brett’s version woke you up and had you buzzing.

After some fun, up beat tracks it was nice to get to know Brett in a more acoustic setting and hear his vocals in a more softer, deeper and more emotional range. Brett showed his talents further as he sang an incredibly moving version of the song Raymond. The song really hits you with its powerful words and emotive melody. The song is inspired by a maintenance worker at a nursing home who became friendly with a patient with Alzheimer’s disease and she believed that the maintenance worker was her son Raymond who was tragically killed in action in Vietnam in 1971. Brett’s grandmother had the disease for years so the song came from a real place as well as an inspiration. The crowd were incredibly respectful during this song, as we often are in the UK and it was that moment when I personally realised just how talented Brett Eldredge really is. One more song The Long Way was played before the band returned to the stage to perform the song Mean to Me.

The crowd collectively sang loudly to Drunk on Your Love and we had a nice little mash up of My Girl by The Temptations which of course every knows the words to with his song For The Reason. I loved watching everyone up and singing and dancing, it was nice to see just how many fans he had here, I think even he was surprised and humbled.

The song known best to me and one of his most catchy and early number Beat of The Music closed the set and what a way to end such a brilliant, crazy, highly energised and quite simply dang fun show.

I hope Brett makes the UK a regular stop. I miss his set already. He may have a song called Beat of The Music, but Brett was certainly the Beat of C2C.



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