The Wandering Hearts Wild Silence Deluxe edition now available – The band discuss new tracks

Following the recent UK headline tour, including a sell-out show at London’s Islington Assembly Hall, review here, The Wandering Hearts’ Deluxe Edition of Wild Silence is released today.

Stream Wild Silence Deluxe here

Purchase Wild Silence Deluxe here

The deluxe album includes three brand new tracks: ‘Til The Day I Die, Run and Heart Stops Beating, acoustic versions of album tracks Wild Silence and Fire and Water, an alternative version of Wish I Could plus live recordings of Burning Bridges and The Wonder Of You from the band’s show in Memphis last year.

The group’s debut album Wild Silence was released in February 2018. They picked up the coveted Bob Harris Emerging Artist award at last year’s UK Americana Awards and now are nominees for ‘Artist of the Year’ at this year’s ceremony next week.

Last November BOON interviewed the group which can be seen here. Here’s an excerpt from the interview talking about the deluxe edition:

Tell us about some of the new songs on the deluxe album – they are new to us, but how new are they to you?

Chess: Over the last year we have had an incredible time and we have experienced so much. There was basically quite a lot of other material that we felt could go with Wild Silence so when we were in Memphis; Marty Stuarts team, his sound team were experimenting with this new software and they said “We have recorded your whole show” and we were like “Cool”. So they sent it to us and we decided to put a couple of the live tracks from Memphis on the deluxe. We then have got a song on there called Run which is actually one of the first songs we wrote together, it is an early day song for us and then we have also got really new stuff as well. It is a real combination of our whole journey so far, from the very start to now.

AJ: Yeah, we wrote Run at the same time that we wrote Devil.

Tim: We also have a couple of re-workings of album tracks that we let loose a little bit with in the studio and came up with ridiculous ideas for different ways of playing it. We fell in love with two of them and thought we would put those on it too.

Yes, I am looking forward to the alternate version of Wish I Could.

Tim: Yes it is very perky haha.

It must feel pretty cool to see the words LIVE FROM MEMPHIS on the record?

Chess: Yeah it is amazing. I think we toyed with the idea of “Can we use this material?” Or shall we release a Live From Memphis EP? but actually it kind of worked out that there were all these other songs that people might like to hear too. When you are gigging all year, the songs kind of evolve over time so it is nice to kind of revisit them and play them in a different way and we often hear them in a different way now. It is nice to experiment and explore all of that and be able to record it.

AJ: It helps us to loosen up a bit as well especially live because we have got so used to playing songs a particular way. When we write together it can be quite formulated in a way, so to have the opportunity to muck around a little bit has given us the perspective and opportunity to look at our live game a bit more; ease off a little bit and mix it up on the night. It has been a nice learning experience from a live musician point of view.



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