Cornbury Festival

Interview: Megan McKenna discusses her performance of a life time at BST Hyde Park, her amazing crowd at Cornbury Festival, writing with Amy Wadge on new single Everything But You and more

Megan McKenna has certainly made quite the impact with her music career in the last year. Being introduced to the country music world via her mini docu series There’s Something About Megan, she has gone on to release number one singles via Itunes, play sold out shows, be a part of an all – female line up at Cornbury Festival and play a main stage set at British Summer Time – Hyde Park supporting Michael Bublé.

We caught up with Megan after her highly impressive set at Cornbury Festival where she entertained her audience with her stunning vocals, hilarious banter and great stage presence. Read our Cornbury review of Megan here.


How are you?

Amazing, it has been such a good day.

I was just saying that your Cornbury set was really good, so much fun, energetic and really impressive

Thank you

It was the most fun I had had in a while at a show


Yeah. Great turnout too

I know

How was BST Hyde Park because you played the main stage…

That was one of the best days of my life. Honesty, I walked out on stage and there was this massive catwalk ready for Michael Bublé and I looked it and thought “I am strutting down that more than once”. When the perfect time came in my song, I just went for it, I have dreamt of things like that my whole life, to strut down a catwalk to a massive audience it was amazing.

What songs did you “Strut” down to?

The first time was during History but then I did it for a few others too, I did it for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun too and got the audience involved and they were singing along.

Did you stay to see any acts?

I went to go and see The Shires and it absolutely poured it down. It was so bad that everyone had to run into tents and we waited for it to stop and it didn’t stop.

Tell is about your new single Everything But You that you wrote with Amy Wadge – last time we spoke you said you had been writing with her but at that point nothing had been released.

That was one of the first songs that I wrote with her actually. It is such a lovely song.

It is, tell us about the writing process- also, it is already number one on the country charts.

I know. When I go and write with Amy it is so chilled. I go to Wales, to her studio in her house and we literally sit, chat, drink tea for hours and then we talk about what we want to write about. We sit there and talk about whether we want to write about what we are feeling then or about something that may have happened in the past and it comes out really naturally – I literally speak it out and we write it down and it turns into a song. The writing process with Amy is always very relaxed and she sits there with her guitar and will play out a tune and ask what I think and I will sometimes offer suggestions too. With Everything But You I wanted to write another heartfelt song that people could relate to. As we sat there (this was last year) I got to thinking that I had everything I could ever dream of, nice things, amazing family and friends, a house but I just didn’t have that special someone to share it with and thought how nice it would be to have someone that you could just call up and tell them things. The song is mostly about that and about not worrying about not having that person yet as it could happen anyday. I do believe that there is someone for everyone.

Will you be releasing any of the other songs that you wrote together?

Yes! I will be releasing new songs as the year goes on and then hopefully next year to do more of a big release.

I enjoyed The Story of Me – I hope that will be one you release?

Yes! That will be one.

“If You” is another one I thoroughly enjoyed. That had a strong country element to it.

Really? Thank you, it is very country.

Will you be going back to Nashville?

100 per cent

If you do, you should write with Jessi Alexander.

Really? Ok

She wrote The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

Oh wow. I will look her up.

Thanks so much for chatting, we hope to see you live again soon.

Read our others interviews here and here for more in depth conversation and discussions about her other tracks.


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