Interview: The Adelaides discuss playing an All – Female line up at Cornbury Festival, having Marcus Hummon write for them and much more

With British Country Music on the rise, we are being treated more and more each year with more amazing UK artists emerging. What I never expected though, was to have such a strong female trio who we could call the UK version of Pistol Annies and then The Adelaides appeared and we now have exactly that.

Paris, Abi and Alicia who make up The Adelaides are on of those acts that are going to make it BIG and if they don’t, then someone somewhere is doing something wrong. Three gorgeous ladies, fiercely talented, kick-ass vocalists and adorable yet witty personalities, what more could you ask for? Good music I hear you cry? Well they have that too and with their flawless harmonies, they could even sing the phone book and have me sold.

How many artists get offered a song from one of Nashville’s finest writers at their very first gig? Not many I can tell you but these girls did.

Fresh from their wickedly fantastic set at Cornbury Festival, We caught up with Alicia and Paris from The Adelaides and talked about Cornbury Festival and how they dedicated an entire day to an all – female line up which The Adelaides got to be a part of. We also discussed music, BST Hyde Park and much more.


How are you – how was your Cornbury set because I have to say, it was my favourite performance of yours I have seen.

Alicia and Paris – Oh thank you!

Alicia – It was a great show and the crowd were amazing, we had so much fun.

Yes, it was so crowded, I mean you were on at 11.30 am – first on, people are still arriving, were you concerned it would be quite empty?

Paris – We didn’t expect it to be at all as it was so early.

Are you staying all day at Cornbury?

Both – We are

Today is strictly dedicated to female artists so who are you going to see?

Alicia – Pixie Lott and P.P Arnold.


Paris – Yeah, we wouldn’t mind seeing her.

You said on stage earlier that you were performing a song that was written for you by Marcus Hummon – tell us a bit about that?

Alicia – We met Marcus back at our first ever gig together at The Borderline last October. He was there too and his son Levi was on the same bill as us. We got talking and he gave us his email and everything. Marcus said he loves harmonies and that sort of style and said he loves to write songs for a three part harmony, so he sent us a song and the first time we heard it we were like “this is the one”

Paris – It is quite upbeat and we hadn’t performed it yet because we were waiting for festival season and it sounds amazing with a band.

What a guy to get write for you and so early on.

Both – I know

He also seems like such a nice guy too?

Both – Yeah, he is.

Plus to be approached on your first ever gig – that is such a high compliment

Paris – I know and especially seeing as he wrote for Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts and we are huge fans of both of those, especially Dixie Chicks. We view ourselves as a British version in a way.

Well yes, I was going to say Pistol Annies but that works too.

Paris – Yeah, Pistol Annies too but yeah, to have him come over and loving what we are doing and giving us a song is such an honour.

Tell us about you as songwriters – do you write together a lot?

Alicia – Yeah we all write together

Paris – It is different. Sometimes I would come up with a melody and Alicia or Abi will come up with lyrics but we work together well and it helps create our sound.

Alicia – We like to write songs that are relatable too.

Tell us about he song Jack Daniels as that is very fun and upbeat and very US country radio

Both – Thanks

Paris – Emma Jane wrote that song, we have had that for a long time. Emma used to perform that song by herself and it is such a great song that we thought it would really work with some three part harmonies on there and make it completely different. She was really happy with it.

How was British Summer Time – Hyde Park?

Alicia – It was amazing – we loved every second. It was nerve wracking as it was Hyde Park but once we got up on stage it was great.

You were on The Barclaycard Stage right? Because I could have sworn the app said the Summer Stage?

Alicia – Ah, I am glad you have said this because I looked at the app and it said the Summer Stage and then we got told we were on the Barclaycard Stage so it was confusing but of course great.

Good, I am not going mad.

Well thanks for chatting, loved the Cornbury set and look forward to seeing you soon

Both : Thank you


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