Interview: Megan McKenna talks new music, playing the fabulous Cornbury Festival and more

Forget about reality tv for a moment and focus on the gift of music, the gift of a natural, beautiful singing voice and you will soon appreciate the talent that Megan McKenna has.

Megan has a voice that is not just stunning but the tone of her voice is as if she was meant for Country Music. Megan has a similar singing style to that of Dolly Parton minus the strong southern accent. Last year, Megan released her documentary There’s Something About Megan where we saw her go to Nashville and try her hand at songwriting, performing and living the southern lifestyle which included a not so successful stay at a farm.

Since the documentary, Megan released two singles High Heeled Shoes and the a co-write with Beth Nielson Chapman track Far Cry From Love. With both songs soaring to the top of the country music charts, Megan followed this success with a sell out UK tour in December last year.

Last month, Megan released a new track titled History and was also announced as part of the all-female Saturday line up for this years Cornbury Festival. Since this announcement Megan has also been announced as one of the support acts of Michael Bublé at Barclaycard Presents: British Summertime at Hyde Park.

We caught up with Megan to discuss her music, her sold out tour last year and being part of the Cornbury Festival line up.

Hi Megan – how are you?

I am good thank you.

You have been very busy since we last spoke, congratulations on all the success so far.

Thank you, I can’t believe it myself.

How has life changed since starting a music career?

Do you know what? It has been really interesting seeing a wide range of people be interested in what I do. Normally, the whole reality thing draws in a young audience but now a wider range of people come up to me and talk to me about my music and that they like my voice so it has been really cool to have that as that is what I wanted. I love to sing and write music so to have people appreciate it means the world, I hope it carries on that way.

You sold out your first ever headline tour, did you expect it to sell out?

No way, not in a million years. The turn out for these gigs were absolutely amazing – I couldn’t have asked for anything more. To have people sing my songs back to me is the best feeling in the world.

How were the shows, how were the audience? Were they a mix of your general fans to fans of your music?

I think the majority of fans were fans of everything but when I looked out into the audience, I could see an older audience too who came along because they love country music and that is making people believe in me.

You brought Greg Oliveras who played with you on There’s Something About Megan over to play with you on your tour which was so nice to see, do you plan on working together again soon?

Yeah, I wanted him to come over and play in the band. It wouldn’t have felt right if he wasn’t there and he enjoyed it so much. I will be going back over to Nashville to do some writing so I will hopefully work with him more over there. Whilst the live shows were happening we were actually filming a mini documentary which is going to go on my youtube video so that people can see the insides and the behind the scenes stuff of me rehearsing, things that happen between the songs, costume changes and so on. It is really interesting and he will be on that too.

You had the Adelaides supporting you – they are lovely aren’t they?

Yeah. They are such nice girls and I love their sound, I love the way they harmonise – I was so happy that they supported me.

You just released the song History, tell us a bit about that.

I was given that song around about the same time as High Heeled Shoes and I recorded them both at the same time. I actually performed History on my tour and that is why I put it out because since I played it live, people were messaging me all the time saying they wanted to have a copy and so I put it out for the fans.

Are you finding it easier to write more now since your journey during There’s Something About Megan? During the show you had a writing session with Beth Nielson Chapman and she seemed to bring a lot out of you writing wise?

When I was younger I used to write little songs here and there and I had a little song book and stuff. Beth brought more of that out of me and gave me more confidence but I definitely think I have a natural talent to write songs and I love writing about personal experiences.

You just wrote your own biography so I can imagine that may have helped in the songwriting area too as must have brought back memories of experiences and such?

Yeah it did. My songs are so real and people can relate to them. I honestly cannot wait to release some more.

You are working on a second single and an album right now, when can we expect the next single?

I am actually going to be releasing a few acoustic tracks  every month and tracks that I have written just so that people can see and hear what I have been up to. We are working on a second single and album too.

Oh good.

Still on the subject of writing, you have been writing with Amy Wadge I believe?

Yeah I have. I am hoping to get to work with her more in the future because I really love her work and we wrote a really good track a few months back which I am hoping to record and put out as one of the acoustic tracks soon.

You are part of an all female line up at Cornbury Festival on the Saturday which is so exciting because I love that Festival- what made you decide to play there?

I have always wanted to play at a festival, it is one of my dreams and now I get to tick that off my list. When I found out that Cornbury were interested in having me I was so excited and having seen the line up, it feels so surreal. I have heard such good things about Cornbury and that it has such a great atmosphere. I have been told that it is a nice family festival which is great as my family want to come so that is another reason why I wanted to play there. I am hoping that some Megan McKenna fans are going to be there and know the lyrics to my songs.

I am sure there will be. I go every year and it is exactly as you said; a great atmosphere and family friendly. The thing about Cornbury and what you will find with your shows is that you will have an audience who are simply fans of music and not just one genre and they check out artists they know, don’t know and you will walk away with a whole new load of fans.

How do you feel about being part of a strong all female line up?

Amazing! It is so cool, I am so excited.

Will you watch Alanis Morissette?

100 per cent and I am a big fan of Pixie Lott too so will want to see her.

The Adelaides will also be there so it is like your tour over again.

Yeah they will be, I look forward to seeing them again.

Who is on your playlist countrywise right now?

I am obsessed with Kacey Musgraves.

Oh good, her new album Golden Hour is amazing.

I know, I am obsessed with all three of her albums.

Will you see her in October?

I really want to see her at Wembley Arena definitely.

It will be a great show. Thanks so much for talking to me today and I look forward to seeing you at Cornbury Festival.

Come and see Megan at Cornbury Festival – tickets here

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