British Summertime (BST Hyde Park)

Interview: Sarah Darling talks about playing BST Hyde Park, her spectacular outfit, a new album, a possible baking masterclass with fans and much more

Photo Credit: Andy Teo

Sarah Darling is easily one of the UK’s favourite country stars, so much so, we have made her an honorary brit. With an angelic voice and singing some of the most breathtaking music you will ever hear, it was a truly special moment for not just Sarah but us fans too to have her be a part of such a mainstream event at British Summer Time – Hyde Park. Sarah was given a much deserved slot on the Barclaycard Stage where she was met by a very impressive crowd, especially seeing as she was first on just moments after the gates had opened.

Read our review if her set here.

We caught up with Sarah after her set to talk about her performance, her spectacular outfit, new music and so much more.

Hi Sarah – How are you? How was your performance at BST just now?

Sarah – Oh my gosh it was amazing! I had so much fun but it was so hot.

This is coming from someone who lives in Nashville.

Sarah – I know, I mean Nashville is definitely hot but I am just not used to the heat here in England but I wouldn’t trade it.

You were first on today on The Barclaycard Stage. Your set started at 13.20, gates opened at 13.00 but you had an amazing turnout. Were you worried at all that due to gate times that people wouldn’t get to you in time?

Sarah – It definitely crossed my mind. I knew that the gates opened at 13.00 but I thought that “Hey, let’s just go out and do our thing and if you build it, people will come”. That ended up being exactly what I saw happening.

Yes, I kept looking and seeing people rush over and as soon as you started singing, even more people emerged.

Let’s talk about your outfit because it’s a pretty big deal right?

Sarah – Yes! So there is this amazing designer and they are based here in London called CuteCircuit. I have been familiar with them for a while, they have dressed Katy Perry a lot in her concerts and actually Katy Perry has worn a dress similar to the one that I have on now. I really wanted to wear something that matched my music, so I was thinking about all the songs like Shimmer and Halley’s Comet and I wanted to bring all that world together and shine on the whole stage.

Well it looked amazing.

Sarah – Thank you!

(Read more about the outfit here)

Speaking of shining – you sang your current single Diamonds on stage, tell us a bit about that song.

Sarah – I wrote it with Jessica Sharman. We wrote it in Nashville on my front porch. It’s one of those honest songs about recognising that we are all a working progress and that sometimes we are really hard on ourselves and don’t see that what we are going through and that there will be something amazing at the end of it. After I started playing the song, people would come up to me after shows and say “I am going through a really difficult time, that song really uplifted me”. I didn’t know that that song had that kind of affect until I started playing it live. The song was really my personal story about some of the ups and downs of the music industry and it is really special that it has connected with other people as well.

Are you working on a new album?

Sarah – I am working on a new album.

Can you tell us much about it yet?

Sarah – So here’s what you can know, this is really exciting. I write a lot in Nashville but I have spent the last several months writing with British writers so the idea is that I am going to collaborate with all British country music. I will even have the record recorded here.

That will be so nice because the UK is like your honorary home.

Sarah – Honorary home yes and I feel such love here and I feel my heart is telling me to do that. As far as song selection goes, I don’t have those picked out yet but I have a lot circulating.

That’s nice though to have a lot to play with and take the time to decide. You have already written with Ward Thomas?

Sarah – We have written a song together and I think we are going to write some more together.

Tell us about the song you have written together.

Sarah – We wrote a song called Our Own Song, it’s a really emotional song actually because both our parents divorced when we were younger and it’s written about that so it’s very emotional.

We are dying to try some of your bakery goods. Are you ever going to play a festival or show over here where we can have some sort of master class with you?

Sarah – I have actually thought about this. I thought about two different things. Doing a cooking class for press and maybe something for fans too, maybe do a macaroon class.

Ooh that would be amazing. I can’t wait to taste them, I have heard great things.

Sarah – The salted caramel is divine.

Let’s hope this happens then.

You are coming back in October for Country Music Week…

Sarah – I am so excited about that. I am going to be a part of Under The Apple Tree at Bush Hall, it is very exciting as The Wandering Hearts will be there too. I have become quite a fan and we got to hang out a bit in Nashville recently – We both played Opry the same night and became good friends so Bush Hall will be a fun night.

Well it has been lovely to see you – Thanks for chatting today

Thanks, lovely talking to you too

We will see you at Country Music Week

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