British Summertime (BST Hyde Park)

Sarah Darling performed in CuteCircuit LED dress at BST Hyde Park

Photo Credit: Andy Teo

One of the brightest stars of the country music scene, Sarah Darling, lit up the Barclaycard Stage on Sunday when she wore a Bluetooth-enabled haute couture dress composed of thousands of programmable micro-LEDs and sequinned panels.

The dress is created by CuteCircuit, the world’s first wearable-technology fashion brand. The lights are controlled by the Q App allowing the Magic Fabric panels to illuminate and display moving patterns and animations visually transforming in realtime. The LEDs can also display live tweets.

I’ve been a fan of cute circuit since I first saw Katy Perry wearing their designs” says Nashville-based Sarah Darling. “So much of my music fits the vibe of what they make, and it was great to also make that connection on stage. It’s all about creating a world for my fans to enjoy! Each dress has a story, and I’m over the moon to have worn something that’s an absolute work of art.”

The Nieves Dress is an haute couture evening dress worn for a gala event by Spanish supermodel and actress Nieves Alvarez. The Nieves Dress features panels of silk organza and black sequins with inserts of laser cut colour-changing polyurethane film and luminous Magic Fabric (CuteCircuit’s micro-LED fabric). The asymmetric cut of the dress creates a stunning silhouette with beautiful details. The Nieves Dress is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled by the Q App by CuteCircuit and always under the control of the wearer

The outfit was completed by Sparkle Booties, high-heeled boots made of reflective micro perforated fabric and silver leather that illuminate when hit by a direct light or flashlight.

Katy Perry wore their design at the MET gala, Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Scherzinger have also worn pieces.

Here is a snippet of her behind the scenes on the day

Here is a picture of her behind the scenes dress by same designers.

Here is our review of her set at BST

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