British Summertime (BST Hyde Park)

British Summer Time – BST Hyde Park – Sarah Darling – Live Review

I am pretty sure a slight bit of panic must set in when your festival set is on at 13.20 and the gates open at 13.00. Thoughts of “Will anyone be watching?” Must set in. Sarah Darling needn’t have worried though and much like we had anticipated, as soon as her gorgeous voice began, a crowd of people soon formed.

Sarah Darling has become quite the darling of the country music fan base here in the UK. An honorary Brit (and not because she is married to one) Sarah can without a doubt call the UK her second home and no matter how many times she plays here a year, the fans will always come out and see her.

When I listen to Sarah Darling, I wonder why she is not more well known. A voice that instantly captivates you, Sarah also writes some of the most stunning and enchanting music going. Sarah’s last album Dream Country was one of our favourite albums of that year and her new singles which include Diamonds and Wasted have maintained  that similar mellow tone and we cannot wait for a new album.

Sarah arrived on the Barclaycard Stage at BST Hyde Park wearing a stunning, lit up dress which she had made especially for the show. Sarah couldn’t contain her excitement to be part of such an exceptional line up such as her friends Ward Thomas, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Paul Simon.

Starting her set with Home To Me, Sarah’s on stage persona and soothing vocals soared throughout Hyde Park.

Sarah is a great live performer – engaging with the crowd and her band, Sarah shimmers like gold in both her singing and graceful movements. We were treated with a wonderful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams as well as some of her best songs such as Halley’s Comet, Where Cowboys Ride and Diamonds with she wrote with Jessica Sharman who was in the crowd watching.

With an audience of people mostly unfamiliar with her music, the reception she received showed that she definitely gained some new fans at BST. Sarah is such a joy to watch and listen to live and we hope she gets to be a part of such special events more often as well as continuing to do headline shows across the UK.

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