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C2C Festival: Kelsea Ballerini – Live Review

There was a time when we thought we would never get to see Kelsea live here in the UK but that time has more than passed. In less than a year, Kelsea has been back three times and we aren’t even close to being sick of her, nor will we ever be.

Having Kelsea on the C2C line up for the first time was incredibly exciting and fans rushed to buy tickets.

As her set began it started with a mash up of her hit songs with images of her on a backdrop which got the crowd geared up and ready for a mind blowing set.

Kelsea skipped on stage beaming with happiness and started singing Love Me Like You Mean It. The excitable crowd sang along to every word and the house was at full capacity.

Kelsea’s stage presence was fun, energetic and infectious and she just seemed so incredibly grateful to be there. The next song she performed was Miss Me More off of her new album Unapologetically. The song had a slick, edgy and sassy way about it as Kelsea strutted her stuff on stage.

Can we play another new one for ya?” Kelsea screamed. A video of rain played on the backdrop as Kelsea began singing Get Over Yourself.

When Kelsea performed Legends, she asked the crowd “will you sing it with us? This song changes meaning each time I play it”

Again, she seemed so happy, so bubbly, so excited and so grateful. Her confidence was inspiring and her energy was unstoppable.

Dibs was up next which was fun and the crowd loved singing along. I always find this a funny one to sing along to without an American accent so you find yourself singing with an accent without even knowing,

Kelsea looked upon her audience and asked if the house lights could go on. When they did, she sat on a stool at the top of the stage and started explaining briefly about her life in the last few years and how now, at 24 she feels she is in the middle of a lot of things in her life and that the song she was going to sing was her personal baby and she sang a beautiful rendition of her stunning track In Between.

Can we play you my brand new single?” She screams. Things turned a bit more country with her single I Hate Love Songs which seemed to grab the attention of not just her fans but of potential ones. As the song was drawing to a close she sang “I hate love songs but London I love you.”

She played her track Music next from current album Unapologetically and then treated us with a jazzier version of Peter Pan which gave it a more upbeat feel and certainly wowed the crowd. Kelsea got the arena to light their phones up and it was a stunning sight to see. She then stood listening to the arena sing the chorus back to her which was emotional to be a part of and to hear.

Telling the crowd that she just got married, she goes on to sing title track of new album Unapologetically which was a gorgeous performance and emotional in a happy way.

Unapologetically this is for you, anyone in love” she cried before starting the song. She blended in ElvisI Can’t Help Falling In Love With You in the song which was a nice touch.

Closing the set with the energetic and exciting Yeah boy, Kelsea pranced around the stage giving us her all and really showing how much this means to her. Kelsea left the stage and the arena were left in high spirits and the atmosphere was electric.

Kelsea put on a dang good show and for someone so young, she certainly proved she was born to do this.

I feel in ways she had a lot to prove to the older audience and the more traditional country fans but I also think she achieved it, she proved to everyone her worth and how she deserves her success and she will only get better and better.

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  1. So jealous you got to see her live again – most disappointed at not being able to get C2C tickets because I wanted to see Kelsea again


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