Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Jillian Jacqueline – Spotlight Stage – Live Review

We love Jillian Jacqueline at BOON. Despite only having an EP so far (Side A), Jillian ranked at number one of our top artists of last year. Jillian is starting to become a special part of the UK country community. Making her debut at London’s Country Music Week in October, Jillian won the hearts of the country fan base and has been on everyone’s lips, playlists, cd players and social media praises ever since.

On Saturday night, Jillian got to perform inside the O2 Arena on the Spotlight Stage. Dressed in her usual quirky and wonderfully stylish outfits, this time a stunning yellow mustard 70’s styled full length dress, Jillian shone on stage before she even started singing.

Fans gathered around the Spotlight Stage at the back of the arena to show their love and support and it was packed.

Jillian began her set with her track Hate Me. She seemed in awe to be there but she deserved to be. It was emotional to see and hear the amount of people singing along and also wonderful to witness new fans  emerging.

With the Spotlight Stages only having a set of two or three songs, Jillian soon moved on to her current single Reasons. The crowd sang even louder. Jillian explained how happy she was to be here and asked if anyone had a couch she could live on as loves it here so much.

Closing her set with God Bless This Mess, Jillian gave an overall captivating performance and undoubtedly gained a whole new fan base.

I can’t wait for her to come back soon.

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