Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival – Old Dominion – Live Review

The beat to the intro music set a fast, atmospheric vibe in the O2 right away. A back drop with OLD DOMINION in big letters felt quite emotional showing just how far this band have come in the last few years.

Old Dominion ran on stage with high energy and excitement and went straight into playing Song For Another Time.

First on the bill, first in the main arena of the entire weekend and the band had a full house. Old Dominion deserve this main stage slot and we, the UK fans adore them and hold a special place for them in our hearts.

Old Dominion addressed the audience at one point on how last time they were inside the O2 Arena was as spectators at the side, right at the top and how they are so grateful to now play the main stage. Well, I can’t think of a band more worthy and more deserving.

Old Dominion’s catalogue is all single worthy. The guys turn out hit after hit making any set they perform unmissable. The O2 were treated with songs including Written In The Sand, an energetic and exciting Hotel Key, Wrong Turns, So You Go, Be With Me, Not Everything’s About You and Can’t Get You.

It was during Nowhere Fast were the energy was building even higher and I kept thinking how they should mash up Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car in mid way as have similar melodies plus it would be ironic giving the songs theme.

No Such Thing As A Broken Heart was as special as you could imagine. The entire arena sang along and Matt Ramsey said how it sounds better when we sing it. The last chorus was just Matt singing with Trevor on Keyboards and it gave me goosebumps.

Can’t Get You is always amazing live and is a “made for a live setting” song which I guess is why they recorded a live version for the album Happy Endings. Brad’s guitar solo was brilliant – the light was just on him for this electrifying, rockin’, energetic moment.

Break Up With Him as always was memorable moment as is such a great song and then the intro to Snapback which closed the night d such an incredibly exciting feel that the already high energetic crowd built up to pretty much blow the roof off the O2.

The crowd cheered for so long.

Old Dominion are meant for an arena stage, if not stadium.

Set list:

Song for Another Time
Wrong Turns
So You Go
Be With Me
Written in the Sand
Hotel Key
No Such Thing as a Broken Heart
Can’t Get You
Nowhere Fast
Break Up With Him
Not Everything’s About You

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