Lucie Silvas – Just For The Record/My Old Habits – Single Review

Lucie Silvas really makes me proud to be British and is a wonderful example of how truly great music comes out of the UK. Now that Lucie has become part of the country music community she has an even stronger fan base than before and I , with many others, feel really connected with her music. Lucie hasn’t turned completely country though as she has retained a lot of her original sound, in fact she is almost a genre herself and is certainly a strong singer/songwriter.

Hardcore fans of Lucie which I would say I am becoming one of, already know the song Just For The Record as she has performed it live on several occasions and glad we are that she has finally released a studio version which I have to say is simply stunning.

Just For The Record has a gorgeous piano intro complimented by Lucie’s smoky, emotive vocals. This song is a beautiful and powerful ballad and Lucie has this painfully beautiful way of putting her emotions into words that are so incredibly relatable and make you think “Dang, that’s exactly how I feel’. As heartbreaking as the song is, there is comfort in the fact Lucie is happily married to John Osborne from Brothers Osborne so I know she is doing ok now. The song is gorgeous throughout with a heavenly melody and gripping chorus.

My Old Habits is a more mid tempo track but still has a somber feel within its lyrics. Whilst emotional, this song has a strong soulful, blues style to it and has a very nice foot tapping beat to it which makes it more up lifting. The chorus is so edgy and powerful yet simple and the whole song is so tuneful.  Lucie’s vocals carry the song in such a way that her voice is the melody, is the instruments and is the song.

Lucie really is becoming a favourite artist for me and I have her label Decca to thank for that as had they not sent me her album Letters To Ghosts I may never have made the effort to listen which would have been a shame because I would have missed a truly great artist and if you haven’t listened to Lucie yet, please do not make the same mistake that I nearly did.

Just For the Record – Single by Lucie Silvas

My Old Habits – Single by Lucie Silvas

Lucie lives in Nashville now but she will return to the UK for the FREE I repeat FREE festival Nashville Meets London in Canary Wharf London July 22nd – 23rd and Lucie will headline Sunday 23rd July.


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