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Luke Combs – This One’s For You – Album Review

Luke Combs is an exciting rising country star who seems to be on everyones lips and now, everyones stereos, devices or where ever you listen to music. This One’s For You is released today and will no doubt hit the country music scene in the best way.

I loved this album from the get go. It is engaging, fun, up beat, well written, well produced and country music heaven.

From the first song Out There I wanted to book a flight to Nashville and head on out to CMA Festival. I want to crank it up load and sunbathe and swim in the river. Out There is a great way to kick start the album as sets the mood and gives a general flow of what to expect for the rest of the album which does not disappoint as all the songs are strong and single worthy.

Luke has a strong southern style to his voice and a Country Rock vibe to his music. His music is addictive, memorable and soulful. I can hear this album being played everywhere upon its release today and really hope that it does.

Memories Are Made Of is a nice strong sounding, toe tapping, summer styled song which is fun to listen to and very catchy in a great way.

Lonely One – this song has a Chris Young way about it. It is a great mid tempo tune with wonderful instrumentation including strong traditional country instruments.

Beer Can I think is going to be one of the songs of the summer for me and I am sure for many others. It is wonderfully catchy and very uplifting and of course a great drinking song as you would imagine from its title.

Hurricane – the lead single of the album which has gained Luke so much success and praise from critics, fans and artists alike. The melody is very memorable and has an infectious chorus. This song and in fact entire album really fit well within todays country market and this album will no doubt place Luke up there within the chart toppers.

One Number Away – I really like this song, it has a lot to love with an enjoyable verse and chorus. I would describe this song as a country rock ballad in a way. It has a slight Dan + Shay feel to it too even though they aren’t country rock, I can’t put my finger on why it reminds me of them.

Don’t Tempt Me – a very up tempo track with great slide guitar work and a strong bass and a reggae riff which gives it a slight ska feel in places.

When It Rains It Pours – a catchy song which is one of those songs you love to sing along to in a live setting as has a hard hitted chorus that gets you going.

This One’s For You – a down tempo song which has a lot of emotion with its relatable lyrics. It is a pretty song to listen to and one of the most relaxing and slow setting songs off the album.

Be Careful What You Wish For – another song that I can imagine being great live. I do listen out for songs that will be great in a live setting when I listen to an album and this is one of them, it has a chanting along chorus but is not terribly catchy but just a great album track that you would hope to be added to a set list.

I Got Away With You – remind me a bit of Blake Sheltons music. Its not the most memorable track off the album and may have to be one I keep playing until it becomes memorable.

Honky Tonk Highway – as the title, it has a strong honky tonk feel to it and definitely makes you want to get up and dance and go to a honky tonk and have a few drinks..maybe more. This is a great feel good tune with so much energy and light and it is so much fun with a fast paced chorus which will leave you out of breath after singing along but will be worth it!

If you love your male country artists then you should love Luke Combs as he has an element of many artists in his music which should make him very appealing. He will appeal to fans of Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley and Chris Young to name a few.

Luke writes all his own music and has a great way of translating experiences and stories to lyrics. He is typically fitting within the male side of country music that is increasingly popular at the moment, I for one tend to lean more towards the female singers but do love a lot of the male artists and I am thoroughly enjoying this album and would recommend it to any country fan and as I said above, especially those who are fans of the male artists.

This One’s for You by Luke Combs


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