Delta Howl – Reach The Shore – Single Review

Delta Howl are a country rock duo who consist of Grant Ashman and Mark Neat. They both grew up in the small town of Dudley, in the heart of The Black Country, England. In fact, Black Country is a great way to describe their music as their music is slightly dark in places and has that sort of melancholic feel, especially in the single Reach The Shore and thats not a bad thing as I love that style and it really suits this duo.

The lead singer Grant, has a strong, country rock voice that reminds me a bit of Axl Rose mixed with Bon Jovi, Michael Hobby and Andy Wood.

Reach The Shore is a great song with a road movie feel to it. It has a great steady beat throughout the song and a nice trippy, hypnotic, haunting and slightly whispery, breezy feel to it. The song pulls in dark, melancholic elements which could also be described as goth country or as I have now named them, Black country mixed with a southern rock/alt-country and a folk sound.

It is a song that is right up my street, completely my style of music as I love all sub genres of rock and country.

I am definitely going to explore more of Delta Howl’s music and am glad to add another UK country artist to my list as UK country is sporadically played in my household.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears alert. I think this duo will continue to grow and produce some great music which I hope won’t be glossed over and missed as they deserve to be noticed and heard.

Reach the Shore – Single by Delta Howl

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