Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Cheltenham Jazz Festival: Festival Food – The Melted Cheese Company – Also at Various Festivals across the Summer

Cheltenham Jazz Festival is one of the loveliest festivals we have been to. Being local ourselves, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy some of the most celebrated artists on our doorstep and not having the stress of travelling:

Despite being local, we do treat ourselves to festival food whilst there as it is part of the experience.

This year, we were spoilt for choice but one place that caught our eye was The Melted Cheese Company. Now we love a raclette so this was a no brainer.

The menu is small but perfect because if you are like me, you don’t want to stand their indecisive for ages.

Two raclette on the go, the cheese looked and smelled delicious!

On the menu there was;

Traditional Raclette – a scrape of melted raclette served on crushed garlic and chive baby potatoes, topped with crispy onions, chives and gherkins.

Raclette Mac & Cheese – a scrape of melted raclette served on pasta in cheese sauce, topped with crispy onions and garlic crouton crumb.

Raclette Fries – a scrape of melted raclette served on fries, topped with crispy onions and fries.

Cheesy Fries – Twice cooked Skin on Fries, topped with grated cheddar and mozzarella (Not Melted).

We went for the Raclette Fries. As well as the toppings on the menu, we were given red cabbage and gherkins. The portion was generous and enough to fill us up for the evening! The food was delicious and the raclette cheese was divine and was perfectly combined with the fries. Definitely worth having!

We are here for most of the weekend so will likely be back. We are keen to try the Traditional Raclette and my kids will want the mac and cheese.

We highly recommend a visit! The Melted Cheese Company will be at the following festivals this year;

RHS 3 Counties, South Gloucestershire Food and Drink Festival, Shindig , Barn on the Farm, Valley Fest, Lakefest and The Godney Gathering.

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  1. Every last one of those items on the menu look delish! I’d start with the traditional…the description makes my mouth water.


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