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Two Ways Home – Closest Stranger – EP Review

Two Ways Home are an alt-country duo who consist of Isabella Mariee – originally from Vienna – and Lewis Fowler, who grew up in Gloucestershire (woo hoo, where I live). The pair now live in London and are really starting to make a name for themselves and are gaining much media and fan attention.

Firstly, stop what you are doing and get this EP now, you won’t be sorry. If you love country and folk music and even more so the two genres combined then this is the music for you. From the very start, the EP delivers a strong and energetic force with the song Best Part Of Me. I love duo’s especially when it consists of a male and a female lead as it always gives music that little bit more. Isabella and Lewis’ voices blend beautifully together and they produce gorgeous harmonies.

Best Part Of Me as previously stated is very energetic and is very up beat and it engages you right away making you want to listen to the rest of the EP. It is so much fun and puts you in a great mood.

Push and Pull has a great country vibe to it alongside a modern folk feel which is really popular at the moment. The chorus is highly addictive in a great sing along way.

Don’t Give Up On Me Tonight – this song is really stunning. It is a passionate sounding ballad with a lot of soul and emotion with sweet sounding, honeyed vocals and a very chilling vibe to it which gives you goosebumps. I feel like I should be holding up my lighter during this song but I guess nowadays it will be my phone right? Well at least that solves the burning of the thumb issue. Isabella’s vocals are particularly strong on this song and truly shine.

Closest Stranger – a very country sounding song with a film soundtrack feel to it as has so much production to it and in a great way. The attention to detail, all the little extras in this song make it that much more brilliant and powerful. It has exciting segments to it and a really vibrant melody and feel much like the rest of the EP does.

Closest Stranger EP is mature and at the same time young sounding, catering for all ages and all fans of music. Two Ways Home are the kind of duo that bring a festival to life and the kind of music you want to sit and enjoy immensely with friends, family and of course, alcohol and good food, well I do anyway. Someone join me for a BBQ and we will put this EP on repeat.

June 2nd Marks a great day for UK Country Music.

Closest Stranger – EP by Two Ways Home


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