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Rachael Fahim – Rope – Single Review


Rachael Fahim is a country singer from Sydney Australia. I stumbled across Rachael Fahim totally by accident whilst listening to another Australian country act. Usually, when this happens, I don’t often remember the artist but with Rachael I did.

Rope – is an instantly memorable song with its authentic country sound and it’s similarities to some of my favourite US country artists such as Miranda Lambert. The song sonically also reminded me a bit of Shame by Lucie Silvas but not in a way that the songs are too similar, I just mean in terms of style. I really love everything about this song, the melody has a certain spaghetti western appeal to it with a slight dark tone and an edgy bad ass vibe. The lyrics are interesting and tell a story of being in a trapped relationship without any freedom.


Rachael has a nice, unique style to her voice which is sweet and soulful but with a bit of attitude. We love that in our female country singers though right? Look at Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood for example. Rachael certainly fits within the strong women of country category.

I, for one, am looking forward to more music from Rachael and am excited to watch her career progress. Why has it taken me this long to look into Australian Country artists?

You can download Rope right here ;

Rope – Single by Rachael Fahim

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