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Australian Duo – Kaylens Rain – In Our Blood – Album Review


Kaylens Rain are a brother and sister duo from Sydney Australia. They have just released their second album In Our Blood via Dog Whistle Music.

This duo belong with all the great US vocal duos/groups and I am surprised I have never heard of them till now. However, they have received some recognition over the years. In 2014 Kaylee and Glen performed their hit ‘Outta Here’ on the Golden Guitars Awards at the Tamworth Country Music Festival where they were nominated for two awards including New ‘Talent Of The Year’ and ‘Best Group or Duo’.

In March they got to perform at the fast growing Australian Country Music Festival CMC Rocks and then got to travel to Nashville to be one of the celebrated international country artists and perform as part of the Global Artist Showcase at CMA Fest, a festival where our own artists such as The Shires have also performed.

I have to say that Kaylens Rain are quite the find. From the first song I was captivated as they instantly reminded me of Gloriana, Lady Antebellum and a little bit of early Little Big Town music in some places.

Glen and Kaylee Harrison who make up Kaylens Rain both share the vocals throughout the songs. Their voices blend well together and their harmonies match perfectly. I guess being siblings, their voices fall together naturally, – that with a lifetime of experience together. Regardless, there had to be a talent there in the first place and talent they most certainly have.

I thoroughly enjoyed every track off this album. I would describe it as country pop with a little bit of a traditional sound and a shot of rock. There is such a loveable modern country sound to this album, especially with its relevant and relatable lyrics, modern vocal stylings and a great use of traditional country instruments which makes the album so deliciously fun to listen to. It is a gripping album which needs to be heard and recognised all over.

Stand out tracks for me are Lost In The Moonshine – this is the track that has an element of Gloriana to it. With Gloriana being no more, I am glad to find an act that is still creating a similar sound. The song has such a great intro with traditional country instruments and Kaylee’s vocals are really exciting and have a country rock sounding style with a sweet sounding tone.

When The Sun Goes Down – this song screams early Little Big Town Material which I love! As a huge fan of LBT, especially their earlier sound, I lapped up this track immediately and it soon became a favourite. It has so much great instrumentaion to it with a fun mid tempo melody and a wonderfully mature sound.

Take It Away – a modern Country/Blues track with a nice mid tempo melody. The harmonies are almost dark on this track giving it a slight haunting feel with a very western style sound.

Catching Red Lights – a very country-pop sounding track. This is a fun tune with a very catchy chorus and is a song I can imagine being played on country radio over in the US.

Do You Wake Up – a beautiful and passionate ballad with a toe tapping beat and a charming and enchanting melody. Kaylee’s vocals are stunning and infectious in this song and I have found it quite addictive and keep playing it. It has such a mesmerising chorus which is quite powerful and emotive.

Whilst I have selected my favourite tracks, I have no doubt that I will change my mind the more I listen to this album as every track is really very good and there are no fillers so I have no desire to skip any tracks.

I welcome Kaylens Rain to my Country Music playlist with open arms and won’t be placing them on a shelf anytime soon as I intend to play this album for quite a while. If you are a fan of country pop and vocal groups such as Gloriana and Lady Antebellum then I highly recommend this duo to you. It’s refreshing to see Country Music has a market beyond America and the UK and I sometimes forget that Australia has a HUGE country music scene, after all, that is where Keith Urban is from.

Please check out Kaylens Rain for yourself;


You can download In Our Blood here;

In Our Blood by Kaylens Rain

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