Seth Ennis – Woke Up In Nashville – Single Review

Seth Ennis – Woke Up In Nashville – Single Review


Seth Ennis is a new country music singer/songwriter who is signed to Sony Music Entertainment. He just released his first single Woke Up In Nashville on September 2nd.

Sonically, Seth Ennis holds similarities to artists such as Dan + Shay, Rascal Flatts and perhaps a little bit of Hunter Hayes – with Dan + Shay becoming rising stars and Hunter and Rascal Flatts being the huge stars they are, this is a good thing. I would certainly think fans of those artists would warm to Seth’s music. Woke Up In Nashville is a very beautiful, easy listening Love Song which is a slow tempo vocal ballad. Often, a ballad can be seen as a risk for a first single but not in this case as it is a good enough song to captivate listeners and gain a fan base right away.

Listen to Woke up in Nashville – Single by Seth Ennis on @AppleMusic.

Woke Up In Nashville is Country Pop but still retains enough country element to steer it away from being too pop. The smooth, sweet-sounding melody and beautiful piano accompaniment make this song stand out and the chorus is really quite catchy. Seth has a nice, varied vocal range which is very fitting to Country Music. I can already envision this song being played all over country radio and whilst it is more likely to cater for the younger audience, it is a song that will also be appreciated by an older audience, I mean I like it so there’s the proof. (I’m not that old though ha!)

Overall, this is a great introduction to Seth Ennis and there is something certainly exciting about this song and I for one am looking forward to hearing what else Seth has to offer musically.

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