Twinnie Lee Moore – Home – Single Review

Twinnie Lee Moore releases second Country single Home

Home is the follow up single to Twinnie’s debut single Cool. I don’t think that Home is as ‘Country’ as Cool, but it is still a good song – but then again Country Music is changing so much, it’s hard to say what is classed as Country these days. I would say Home is more ambient pop and is a bit of an anthem song. With a lot more instrumentation involved, it seems much more production has gone into this song. It also showcases Twinnie’s vocals far more than the previous single and is lyrically better – although Cool is more catchy. I do like the beginning of the song, where we first hear her vocal as it overshadows the music, which starts with just a piano until the build up into the chorus, where the music gets considerably louder with other instruments including a guitar and drums. The chorus also works well with the echoed, slightly hidden, backing vocals that make Twinnie’s main vocal stand out that bit more.
I can see this single gaining more radio interest than her last, purely because it seems to fit the trend a lot more with it being more of a Pop track. It is a song I can see being played loudly in people’s cars and is also a song that, musically, sounds fitting for the summer. I hope radio picks it up, as I think it definitely has a place. I also hope her management are doing the rounds with her music, as I think, given the right promotion, she could easily find a home in the music market today. Already being in the showbiz industry should help and having that retro model look won’t hurt.

I would be interested to see a music video to this song too, as I think if it’s done well it’ll sell the song a lot more. I also think that Twinnie should consider creating an alternative dance mix version to this song, as I see it working really well. I would love to hear a stripped back acoustic version too – this song has the potential for many versions which could work just as well as the original. Certainly, the more I play this song, the more I like it.

You can listen to Home and Cool for yourselves right here:

Hannah Compton, 30th May, 2016

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