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Twinnie – Debut EP – Review – EP Out Now!

Twinnie – Debut 4 track EP – Review


I had been looking forward to Twinnie’s EP since the release of her debut single Cool back in January. I had no doubt that I would enjoy it and had every faith in the quality of her songs. I mentioned In previous reviews that Twinnie co-wrote the song Black and White from The Shires debut top ten selling album Brave and, with credits on such a good song as that, I trusted Twinnie’s direction completely.

This self titled EP has four tracks and all of them being stand out songs for me. The EP has a nice balance of ballads and up-tempo tracks as well as a more Country/Americana-focused track.

Her most recent single Home is the first track on the EP. This is probably the most commercial pop track out of the four, and is produced rather well, giving the song a lot of ‘oomph’ and power behind it. The lyrics are good with a catchy chorus and Twinnie’s voice has a gravely-raspy feel to it, which gives it a really unique sound.

This song reached number 3 in the ITUNES Country Chart. I think it deserved a higher spot especially as the Country Chart in the UK still seems to be dominated by really old Taylor Swift tracks – yawn! We really need to get current music charting don’t we? I have previously reviewed this song. To see the full review please be kind enough to direct yourselves here :

Twinnie Lee Moore – Home – Single Review – Building Our Own Nashville

Lie To Me – What a lovely song! Lie To Me is a very pretty ballad and Twinnie’s vocals are accompanied by piano throughout, which makes the song that bit more special. I am glad Twinnie has put a ballad on this EP as this shows she has a much wider vocal range and will certainly make people think ‘WOW! I didn’t know she could sing like that!’ A down-tempo song, this track has a very melancholic vibe; the lyrics are very moving and speak volumes of loneliness and a broken heart.

Looking Out For You – Probably my favourite song off the EP. This is definitely a more Country/Americana/Folk track than the others and I really love it! I think this song is for her Dad and Grandad who are the heroes in her life. I really like the melody to this song and the use of acoustic guitar. The song has a nice build up by the second verse, with a bit more percussion, making it a more foot tapping tune. The bridge of this track is much like a Contemporary Folk song from artists such as Mumford and Sons with just a simple lalala for lyrics which, despite being such a minor addition to the song, really makes it stand out that much more. When it comes to the point of Twinnie releasing an album, I hope for more tracks like this.


Now to the last song Cool. Cool was Twinnie’s first ever single. I remember liking it from the first listen and I still very much like it now. Another tune with a nice catchy chorus and is more of a sing a long song than the others. Cool reached number two in the UK Country Itunes charts. To see my full review of this song please click on the link below:

Twinnie Lee Moore – Cool – Single Review – Building Our Own Nashville

With a variety of media attention recently, I hope this EP does well. It deserves to. I look forward to a possible tour for this EP too. I do know that Twinnie will be performing for an Under The Apple Tree Session for Bob Harris who is THE Radio DJ in the world of Country Music that you want to support you. Bob’s Under The Apple Tree sessions host shows to some of the UK’s finest Country and Americana acts including The Shires and Ward Thomas, as well as USA artists such as Larkin Poe.

I am intrigued to hear an album soon but, in the meantime, I am going to sit back, relax, and listen to this EP on repeat! I recommend you do the same.

Download Twinnie’s EP here:

Listen to Twinnie – EP by Twinnie on @AppleMusic.

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