Nashville’s newest independent country label has signed songwriter Zack Dyer for their Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series.


Silverado Records are a new independent Country Music record label based in Nashville Tennessee. As an Independent label, they wish for artists to be themselves and for music to rule the day.

Nashville as music city – has no shortage of Songwriters and Country Music is one of the only genres where songwriters are praised, showcased and celebrated.

Silverado Records today has announced a new audio series project to be titled the Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series, featuring recorded tracks from Country music songwriters. The series pays homage to the immense and diverse songwriting culture prevalent in Nashville and Country music as a whole. The first featured songwriter on the series is Nashville based Zack Dyer.

Dyer, a Minnesota native, moved to Nashville in 2015 to pursue a full-time music career. Since moving to Tennessee, Dyer has spent time writing new songs, and performing at songwriters events across the state. Also in 2015, Dyer was invited to perform for an NRA Country event in Nashville, and has continued to build a name for himself with his authentic lyrics, and easy-going melodies.

We’re so glad to have Zack on board for this new series and look forward to showcasing his great music,” said Silverado A&R Director Aaron Chesling. “Zack’s a very talented songwriter with the talent and mindset to take himself all the way in this business. To be there on the ground floor with him is an honour for our team,” he added.

On his selection for the Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series, Dyer said “I’m so excited to be teaming up with Silverado. It’s been a minute and a half since I’ve released new music to the world, so I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to get after it with these guys.

The release date for the first release in the series will be announced soon, and the label intends to release several volumes per year. “This is a great way to connect music fans with the best songwriters, as well as Country music’s future stars” said Silverado Records CEO Scott Thomas. “Zack is the perfect talent to kick this off, and represents well the abundant talent out there in the songwriting community. We’re very excited to get this out there,” he added.

For more information on Zack Dyer & Silverado Records, please visit

You can check out Zack Dyer here:

Twitter @Zackdyermusic

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