We Need To Talk About Rob Mayes

It isn’t often an artist can completely captivate you within minutes of listening to their voice but is certainly the case with Rob Mayes. An independent artist from L.A that really should not fall under the radar he brings so much to the country music industry that should not be ignored. On par vocally with the likes of Josh Turner and other baritone artists, Rob has it all; the voice, the look, the charm, the songwriting skill and if that wasn’t enough, he is a well established actor too.

We first heard Rob Mayes music when we were sent his single Grandpa’s Hands. The title alone drew us in and we were not disappointed. The song is dedicated to and is about his grandparents who raised him. More info can be read here where Rob talks about the story behind the song. The song is from his EP Closer ep which was released last September. Listen to Closer here.

Enter 2020. Just before things started to get a little more difficult in life shall we say, Rob kicked the year off with his song Building Us. The mid tempo song is what country music is all about; family, real life, a story and sonically it has that strong traditional feel which we don’t see so often in the genre these days. Thank goodness there are artists who are willing to stay true to the genre like Rob. Of the song Rob says Building Us is an homage to building a family and the support therein. Country music is all about life, and Building Us is a quintessential Life song, from childhood, to adolescence, to having kids of our own, it tells the story of growing up, and the support we give and receive. With conversational verses and a super sing-along-able chorus, Building Us will (hopefully!) have you singing along, smiling, and reminiscing.”

With the song focusing on support and how important family is, I cannot think of a better time to relate to this song than this year when we are all realising what is important to us so much more than we used to.

Rob Mayes has been working hard during the pandemic and has been releasing song after song.

Addicted to the Chase was the second song Mayes released this year. A slight different edge to it sonically which takes him a little bit away from the traditional sound to a more rock edge, the intro instantly grabs you. It has that cool honky tonk vibe to it and is definitely a song you want to crank up loudly in the car anytime of the year.

Didn’t Do This On My Own followed and has been described as an outlaw anthem. Written by Rob with Smith Curry, Nick Autry (Black River Entertainment) and Earl Bud Lee (one of the co-writers of Garth Brooks’ iconic hit Friends in Low Places). It’s available to stream and download now.

The song has a catchy intro and you immediately understand why it has been tagged outlaw. A song that could have easily been cut by an artist like Jason Aldean, this track has become a firm favourite and will be on our playlist in the car and on our home devices for a while. Mayes makes country cool so if you ever have anyone mocking the genre then just pop on some Mayes and they may think again. Again, a song perfect for this year with everyone helping each other out in some way or another we certainly haven’t faced this pandemic alone. I think this is so relevant for artists too who have paid more than their dues without playing in live venues this year. As the lyrics say; I paid my dues and I planted those seeds …..

Damage I Done gets you in the dancing mood and boy does it makes us miss going out drinking and having a dang good time. Another track that can boast a fine rock edge to it, this song will get you movin’ or perhaps even line dancing in no time, heck it makes me wanna line dance right now. A song to put you in the best of moods, this song brings life back into a dull year.

Another favourite is Don’t Give Up On Me. More of a country ballad than his more upbeat tunes, this song screams country radio and is beautifully emotive. Rob really showcases his vocals in this song and he sings in a way that you truly believe every word.

Of the song Mayes says “Don’t Give Up On Me is a beseeching, a prayer and a plea, that in difficult and trying times (which 2020 has certainly proven to be), offers us a reminder to keep the faith, and that we might ask for God’s grace and salvation now more than ever.

“During an early trip to Nashville a handful of years back, I had heard J Michael Harter sing this song and knew that I had to cut it. It’s one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard – I sure can’t take credit for writing this gem, but I can lend my voice to it, because it speaks to me, and reminds me to have faith, because that’s really the only way.”

More recently Rob released the song Length of a Song. Written by Rob Mayes and Heath Owen (son of Alabama’s Randy Owen), the song is produced by long-time collaborator Smith Curry and mastered by Grammy-nominated Andrew Mendelson.

A very strong country tune, this song is addictive and we love it!

So if you love the traditional side to country music and you love the outlaw and rock edge too then get listening to Rob Mayes asap. This is an artist that needs to be heard and we really hope this pandemic will be over soon so that we can get him over here to play a few shows. The UK will love him, many of us do anyway but let’s make his fan base even bigger.

You may have seen Rob in some shows such as Mistresses, The Client List (our favourite) , as portraying Tommy Nutter in the short-lived comedy-drama television series Jane by Design.and for starring as the title character in the 2012 horror comedy film John Dies at the End.

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