We Need To Talk About ......

We need to talk about Jillian Jacqueline

So….we need to talk about Jillian Jacqueline. This delightful, dynamic and gifted lady should be a name on everyone’s lips, her music should be on everyone’s playlists and her shows should be on everyone’s go to lists.

Amid a genre of incredibly strong female artists it can be hard to stand out. As if the competition wasn’t hard enough with country radio being what it is and not supporting women in country as much as they should, female artists have to work harder to get noticed or gain a large fanbase and there are so many fantastic female artists out there that it’s just a matter of finding them. Enter Jillian Jacqueline – signed to Big Loud Records, Jillian is starting to pave her way in the industry and show how women in country are a force to be reckoned with.

Jillian has it all, an eye catching retro style, a sweet sounding, melodious voice, a powerfully creative, exquisite and relatable way of writing and a highly infectious personality.

Jillian recently released her debut EP titled Side A which is easily one of the best pieces of art to emerge from country music in a long while. With her youthful like ability and fresh twist on country music, Jillian has for me, proven to be on par if not surpassed the talents of artists such as Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini. I feel more connected with Jillian than I do most artists, I am not sure why but perhaps it’s her individuality and her attitude to both her writing and her presence – Jillian feels more like the Girl Next Door and is someone you would love to hang out with.

Side A is just about as delicious as a bowl full of sweet pudding making you hungry for more. Every song on there is a stand out song with a range of spectacular ballads such as God Bless This Mess, to Pop/R & B infused high flying tunes like Reasons to relatable sensations such as Hate Me and Holier Than Thou to the vibrant, fun lovin guilty pleasures of Bleachers.

Seeing Jillian live is a treat – her on stage persona is genuine, engaging and as I said before, you leave her show wanting to be her best friend. You need this woman’s music in your life as she is going places and deservedly so. There are so many reasons to love Jillian who is like Sugar and Salt, she is sweet but she doesn’t practice no bullshit.

You can find me listening to Side A under the Bleachers.

Purchase Side A by Jillian Jacqueline here

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