Far From Saints – Screaming Hallelujah – Single Review

Kelly Jones and Patty Lynn

Yesterday, newly formed band Far From Saints who consist of Kelly Jones (Frontman and Songwriter of Stereophonics) Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker (of The Wind and The Wave) released their new single Screaming Hallelujah from the self titled debut album which will be released June 16th.

A brilliant addition to an already highly impressive string of tracks, Screaming Hallelujah is instantly captivating from the intro. The guitar picking gives the song a Bluegrass feel whilst screaming folk, country and Americana throughout. The entire beat of the track gets the ole toe-tappin’ and the song as a whole, feels good for the soul!

The song offers a message of acceptance and grace towards a loved one who is experiencing a difficult period of transition. The song was written and produced by Far From Saints, and then mixed by the Grammy-nominated Al Clay (Blur, Pixies).

Patty says, “I was thinking about how we should try to grow right along with them, because they’re still here.”

Kelly adds, “It’s about change and growth, but with all the struggles that come with that. With every song I write, I try to write about the whole struggle but leave a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jones’ voice suits almost any genre and his vocals blended with Patty’s are simply divine and wonderfully harmonious. I am screaming Hallelujah that this band exist! (Cheesy pun intended)

Dwight Baker, Patty Lynn and Kelly Jones

Speaking to the band a couple of weeks back, I actually asked what the first song they wrote together was and Jones said it was Screaming Hallelujah. I was surprised to also learn that it was Kelly Jones first ever co-write.

“My memory of the first song we wrote together was in the dressing room of Bath and it was Screaming Hallelujah where we had a bit of a warm up set up in the dressing room. That is on the album, it’s the first track and is the next single. It may not actually be the first song that was written but it was the first song that we sat down together, to try to do something together, that’s my memory.” Jones explained

“Your first co-writeDwight Baker said in response to Kelly.

“Yeah! Exactly! The first time I had ever written with anybody!” Jones continued. Full interview here.

Screaming Hallelujah is the first track off the new album set to be released June 16th. Pre-order here. Each song so far has held elements of different genres and stylings which indicates that there is probably something for everyone on the album!

The video, also released today, was filmed at The Royal Albert Hall at a show they performed in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

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