Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Cheltenham Jazz Festival: Festival Food – The Brisket Bros

Whenever I go to a festival, I always crave a fancy burger, pulled pork or Brisket. It’s pretty much the only opportunity I have for Brisket and Pulled Pork because I couldn’t make it as good as a professional makes it!

The Brisket Bros caught my attention right away of course.

The menu was hard to choose from as I was keen to have Filthy Fries but at the same time I wanted a Brisket Burger and wouldn’t have had enough room two lots of brisket. I guess that just means that I will have to go back on Monday!

I opted for the Brisket Bun and Seasoned Fries and very glad that I did!

I must first point out that the staff were amazing. As a team, they worked very well communicating and dealing with large queues quickly and efficiently. I at first ordered the Brisket Burger before realising I was would be getting a patty and brisket so I quickly explained my error and they were more than happy to assist. It was my fault so I would have been happy to have the burger if I was too late.

The Brisket Bun was extremely tasty. Tender, with various flavours, it was more than enough to fill me up. (14 Hour Smoked and Pulled Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce, roasted garlic mayo, BB Pickles, beef fat onions served in a brioche bun. )

The Fries were seasoned with Tubby Toms. I did add ketchup but didn’t need to. They were beautifully seasoned and incredibly tasty.

We highly recommend visiting The Brisket Bros if you are at Cheltenham Jazz Festival for the last day! We will add where they will be for the rest of the year too!

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