Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Interview: Brooke Law talks C2C Festival, Busy on the Weekend and more!

Brooke Law is an independent solo artist from London, UK. It’s hard to place Law to a genre as she pulls in elements across various genres such as Rock, Country, Blues and Americana. These styles blended together, work really well, especially with her edgy, rock vocals and her gravely tone.

Brooke was asked to join the Buddy Holly song writing retreat in Lubbock, Texas in September. She is a Gibson/Epiphone sponsored artist and receives regular national play and press support.

Recently, Law played three shows at C2C Festival in London at the O2 arena.

We caught up with Brooke to talk about her time at C2C, her single Busy for The Weekend and more!

Hello Brooke – how are you?

I’m great thank you I hope you are too!

How has your week been?

It’s been busy as always, I did some recording after work this week which was fun!

You have just played C2C – how was it for you?

I loved it, was so amazing to be able to play alongside so many amazing musicians.

Any particular highlights?

Having the audience sing along to my song Boomerang.

Did you manage to catch anyones set whilst there?

I love watching Lindsay Ell so much, I saw her previously at the Roundhouse and she blew me away.

What about food and drink? Did you stop anywhere on site?

On the Saturday and Sunday there happened to be a food market right by the big entrance stage which I found super exciting.

What song seems to have the best reaction live?

My song ‘Boomerang’ had everyone singing along which was so cool to see and I had lots of people say they really connected with ‘We All Need Saving’.

Tell us about your song Busy on The Weekend

It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, enjoying your own time and giving yourself some loving!

What do you love about where you live? What are the music scenes like in that part of London?

Where I live is on the edge of London and pretty green so I love being able to go for walks haha. Music definitely takes me all around London with my guitar, I’d love to start something in my local town at some point.

Any hidden gems for music, food?

There’s a really cool Caribbean café near me that does live music and spoken word, the atmosphere is amazing!

I have seen you are a nursery school teacher. Thank you for the hard work you do. I have two kids one 7 and one 2. It’s a full time job for me and I struggle to do anything else. How do you find the time?

My gigs are usually in the evenings or weekends so it fits with work time, I sometimes get tired lol (all the time). The kids at the nursery have inspired me a lot and definitely influenced my lyrics.

Do the kids ever hear your music?

I often do music sessions and have given them a little show. I brought in my electric guitar and microphone and they were so excited to hear their voice loud.

How was it in the lockdowns for you in terms of work and music?

It got me doing weekly virtual shows which I never thought I could do but it was actually really special and allowed me to talk to fans during a show and have them more involved.

Who are your dream collaborators ? Writing or singing with

I’d love to write with Taylor Swift, would be amazing to talk to her about song ideas!!

You are playing Buckle and Boots – have you been before?

We played last year, it was really fun! It’s quite small so it didn’t feel like we were missing anything!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’ve got a single coming out in a couple months and more festivals to be announced soon!

Thanks so much and hopefully catch you at a show soon


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