Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Country 2 Country (C2C) Festival- Who Will Play in 2024? – Our Predictions and Hopes

As soon as C2C Festival is over for another year, the question on everyone’s lips is, Who will play next year?

It just goes to show how much of an impact the C2C Festival weekend has on everyone!

Over the years we have had some incredible artists grace not just the main stage but the spotlight stage and festivals surrounding stages too. We have also had many repeat artists, especially on the main stage which has left people somewhat disheartened. However, if this year is anything to go by then that doesn’t really matter as the weekend is what you make it as well as being about who is playing.

There are so many artists that people want to play. Many want Luke Combs back. Combs headlined last year and also has his own tour later in the year. As Combs is selling out the O2 arena on his own, then I think it is unlikely to see him return to C2C.

Carrie Underwood is a due a return too, especially since she hasn’t yet brought her Denim and Rhinestones tour over here yet. Carrie can easily do well selling an arena tour but would it be more beneficial for her to do C2C? Personally, I would prefer her to be at C2C.

Zach Bryan has recently sold his headlining tour here in the UK but can we see him playing C2C? It would be a big step up from Islington Hall and a good opportunity for fans old and new to see him when they likely couldn’t for his tour in April. But by then will he be like Combs and Morgan Wallen selling out a huge tour on his own?

Dierks Bentley is definitely due back especially with new album Gravel and Gold to tour. He was such a hit when he played C2C back in 2014 that he would definitely be welcomed back! Whether he will return to do his own tour again instead is uncertain. If he does return to C2C then he will need a slot just under the main headliner because we need more than 30 mins from him.

Old Dominion. Now they were scheduled for the C2C that never was and actually pulled out (understandably so) just moments before the festival was shut down for Covid reasons. Old Dominion have had huge success here in the UK and they are so much fun live, we really miss them! Their last album was in 2021 so I guess it may depend on whether we will have a new album by then or not?

Another headline slot could possibly go to Eric Church. Another act who was billed for the C2C that never was, we haven’t yet had Church return and we would love for him to grace the stage again!

Now we definitely need more women. How about Carly Pearce? Sure she recently had a successful headline tour here but Big Machine are such a big part of C2C Festival that it wouldn’t be an impossibility. Another amazing addition to the line up would be Elle King! Her current album Come Get Your Wife would be amazing live at C2C and if Dierks plays and on same day then they can do their collab of Different for Girls and more recently Worth a Shot.

So continuing on the Big Machine note, which other Big Machine artists are likely to play? There hasn’t been a year yet that has lacked BMLG artists. Tyler Hubbard has a new album out so could he be on the line up? Or even Brian Kelley?Also from Big Machine, I think there is a strong possibility of Callista Clark returning. She would be a great opener on the main stage. We also haven’t had Danielle Bradbery back in a while.

Tim McGraw played the first ever C2C and then came back with wife Faith Hill in 2018. Having recently released his new single Standing Room Only and a new album due the end of the year via Big Machine Records. We think that there is a strong possibility that he will be one of the headliners next year.

Hunter Hayes has a new about due next month and he would be a great addition to the line up! Especially if Carrie Underwood plays and they are in the same day!

Who will fill the legendary set? We would love to see Wynonna Judd fill that space or even Wille Nelson but are any of them likely?

Given his popularity this year we also think that there is a strong possibility that Drake Milligan will open one of the days on the main stage. He certainly deserves it!

Introducing Nashville is likely to return too so will Drake Milligan be a part of that and then play an after party set? I think given the fact it was he and his band that people loved, then he would definitely be better on a full band slot. Also on Introducing Nashville we could see Avery Anna, Conner Smith and Sacha. We see this changing with some of our spotlight guesses below.

Sacha would be spectacular as part of Introducing Nashville. Her song Pretty Please needs to be heard in the main arena. Sacha will be at The Long Road this year.

Avery was at C2C 2022 so may not be back so early but the main stage would be such a great opportunity for many to see her whom didn’t before!

Conner Smith may well be more suited for the Spotlight Stage but he could be in either. He would definitely be a highlight of the festival.

There is also a possibility of the Introducing Nashville that never was in 2020.

Eric Paslay and Abby Anderson . Tenille Townes came back last year and was promoted last minute to a full band performance which was just exceptional!

So this is what C2C Festival 2024 could look like;

Tim McGraw

Zach Bryan

Tyler Hubbard

Introducing Nashville – Avery Anna, Conner Smith, Sacha

Drake Milligan

Eric Church

Dierks Bentley

Elle King

Callista Clark

Carrie Underwood

Carly Pearce

Hunter Hayes

Wynonna Judd

Spotlight Stage

The War and Treaty – this husband and wife duo are gaining a lot of well deserved attention! We would love them for them to show their beautiful harmonies and folk/americana/country sounds to the main arena. The War and Treaty will be at The Long Road this year.

Carter Faith – is an up and coming Artist who is very exciting. Her stunning ballad Already Crazy would be perfect in the arena. Her appearance at Song Suffragette this year wasn’t enough!

Laci Kaye Booth – former American Idol contestant. Booth recently lost her deal with Big Machine Records but like many artists, going independent has given her the freedom to discover who she is as an artist. Current single Damn Good in a Dive Bar is definitely making waves for Laci. We need her back but in the arena.

Morgan Myles – a recent contestant on The Voice USA, Myles isn’t new to us here in the UK so we would love to have her.

Stephanie Quayle – Quayle is due a return as has put out a few albums since. Her current album On The Edge is her most vulnerable yet!

Dalton Dover – a hit at the CMA Songwriters Series this year, be fun to have him back for those of us who didn’t go to the Songwriters show.

Elvie Shane. Elvie was meant to be at this years event but was unwell so it’s likely he will return.

Gabe Lee – Lee would definitely be a perfect addition to C2C by bringing his honky tonk/folk sounds to the arena. Let’s hope this happens! Please check his music out, especially if you like authentic, raspy, non mainstream music.

Willie Jones – I said in my review of his set in the Indigo O2 this year that his music needs to be heard in the 20,000 strong crowd of the main arena. Let’s hope it happens because Jones will bring the party!

Kassi Ashton – the Linda Perry of country music. She was also part of the C2C that never was and we definitely need her sass and fun vibes on the stage. Her voice is insane and she’s just so dang cool!

We are going to change our minds so much on this! Not to mention who will play the festival stages and CMA Songwriters Series.

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