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Kelsea Ballerini – Subject to Change – Album Review

Kelsea Ballerini releases hit album after hit album. Whilst we think the album caters more for a younger audience in general, it certainly has an appeal for all ages within the traditional sounding songs and her phenomenal ballads. Kelsea knows her demographic and has more than delivered on what the fans would want. I can’t imagine any fan being disappointed with any of it. Kelsea is an artist that could easily transition into pure pop. We are glad she remains within the genre with a slight pop crossover though.

Stand out songs for us so far include;

Subject to Change – this track starts the album off strong. A catchy and ‘feel good’ melody, the song sets the bar high for the rest of the album.

I Can’t Help Myself- this song is one of the more traditional country/pop crossover sounding tracks with an element of 90’s country, think Shania Twain. It also reminds me of the Hannah Montana theme tune.

If You Go Down (I’m Going Down Too) – another traditional country song with a great theme to it. A fun and engaging song that is by far one of the best songs off the album. Its instrumentation is just so wonderfully infectious and really takes you to the heart of Nashville.

Universe – got to love a Kelsea ballad. Kelsea sings ballads so beautifully and this song is no exception. Her voice is so passionate and emotive and melodic.

You’re Drunk, Go Home – this wasn’t ever not going to be on our list. A fantastic collaboration with Carly Pearce and Kelly Clarkson, the addictive tune screams honky-tonk, line-dancing, fun-lovin’ and….well…getting drunk and having a blast.

Marilyn – a breathtakingly beautiful ballad and where Kelsea is at her best. Kelsea has such a beautiful way of telling stories via her ballads and should be celebrated for it more. This song is written solely by Ballerini. I hope she releases an album of just her own writes one day like Taylor Swift did with Speak Now. L.A (from album Kelsea) being another track written purely by her which is just as sensational.

What I Have – a beautiful acoustic track which is wonderfully country. A song that would make everyone praise her work, it’s a beautiful way to close the album.

Subject to Change is collectively a great album that is strengthened by its blend of pop and traditional country. Kelsea writes from a very honest and beautiful place, in particular within her ballads. Her youthful yet experienced vocals are empowering and her lyrics are inspiring.

Fans will enjoy the the albums diversity and will marvel over its changing colours of emotion within the lyrics.

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