The Long Road Festival: Meet and Eat Texas Smoker – The Vendor for Dirty Fries, Brisket, Footlongs and more

Photo Credit: https://texassmokers.co.uk

One of my favourite things to do at a festival is eat and eat well. I always take it as a good opportunity to treat myself to something I am unlikely to get elsewhere easily and certainly something I can’t make myself.

With The Long Road Festival being centred around Country and Americana music, it’s always tempting to have American themed food and you will get exactly that with Texas Smoker.

Photo Credit: https://texassmokers.co.uk

Festival food has improved so much since the days I first went to them back in the 90’s. Especially in terms of burgers and hot dogs. Texas Smoker have a highly impressive menu and it’s going to be quite difficult for us to choose what we want. I have already changed my mind a few times. At the moment, if definitely on the menu, I think I will go for either a Beef Brisket Stack or a Pulled Pork Stack. Maybe later I will go back for some Dirty Fries (as they have a good variety on offer) or some Nachos. If you see someone hovering in the queue who can’t make up their mind then that will probably be me.

Photo Credit: https://texassmokers.co.uk

The Dirty Fries range from toppings such as Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chipotle Chicken, BBQ Beans, Jalapeños and so much more. All the mentioned toppings are blended with sauces and more. My tummy is rumbling.

The Footlong Dirty Dogs look ridiculously good. I am not much of a hot dog person but these may sway me. The Dirty Dog is a foot long smoked sausage loaded with beef brisket or pulled pork, smothered with bbq sauce, cheese and chipotle sauce.

Photo Credit: https://texassmokers.co.uk

Of course there will be Burgers available which is always a popular choice and they all look really good. The Chilli Burger has caught our eye and taste buds. It’s a Square burger smothered in homemade brisket chilli, homemade slaw and jalapeños.

Also on the menu it looks like they may have ribs and wings. The wings are marinated before they smoke them, they then crisp them in the fryer, tossed in buffalo, homemade bbq or extra extra hot sauce. Can you see why we are having a hard time choosing? We aren’t even there yet….

I may need help exiting the festival after this weekend. I may need to be rolled out!


Photo Credit: https://texassmokers.co.uk

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