Megan McKenna – Baby Talk and Confetti – Review

Megan McKenna recently released two new songs (Baby Talk and Confetti) and she will be releasing a new song from her newly written music every Friday. We are absolutely delighted that the songs again are within the country music genre. Country music is where Megan belongs and where she feels most happy and confident and it is very easy to see and hear why.

Baby Talk has strong elements of traditional country and a slight Texan country twist blended with a modern sound. The song is wonderfully catchy and is one of Megan’s maturest sounding songs yet. The song would fit within the Americana genre as well as country so it has a wide appeal.

Baby Talk was co-written and produced by Ant Whiting and Emily Phillips and of course, Megan McKenna.

I’ve had thunder, pouring rain (pouring rain)
I’ve had more than I can take (I can take)
So I don’t need your baby talk
You might as well just walk the walk
Unless you mean it, mmh-mmh
Then you can stay
You can stay (uh-uh)

Confetti is a stunning country bop. The story of the song is something that so many people can relate to with watching friends getting married and having babies and wanting the same as all of them but feeling somewhat left behind.

This song makes you listen to every single word and you can feel the storytelling emotion in Megan’s vocals. Megan has a beautifully expressive way of telling stories when she sings. The passion she has for country music is clear and the life experience she brings to her songs is incredibly raw and her songwriting skills are inspiring.

Megan is such an underrated singer/songwriter. Her dedication to the genre sees her flying back and forth from Nashville writing with some of country music’s finest songwriters.

These two songs prove Megan’s potential to find a place within the American market as well as the UK market. We can’t wait to hear more music from her.

Megan works non stop and has been out doing shows with Simply Red, performed at Glastonbury and has just announced a tour with Blue in December.

Listen/Download Baby Talk here and Confetti here and keep an eye and ear out for new songs every Friday.

Twitter: @megan_mckenna_

Instagram: @meganmckenna

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