Nibley Festival: Wildwood Kin – Live Review

We here at Boon have been fans of Wildwood Kin for a number of years now, however, we hadn’t yet seen them live.

For us, Nibley Festival was the perfect place to see the girls live for the first tike as it is local to us.

On stage just before headliners Feeder, the girls came on stage to a very laid back crowd but as soon as they started to play and belt out those gorgeous harmonies, the crowd became larger and people started to gather around the front very attentively.

Wildwood Kin are a family band from Devon. Sisters Beth Key and Emillie Whiteside play upfront on guitar, bass and vocals with cousin Meghann Loney on drums and vocals.

Note perfect, Wildwood Kin have harmonies that are hauntingly beautiful and their melodies hold fine traditional folk sounds with a modern tone and each song was simply divine live.

A somewhat hypnotic set, Wildwood kin captivated their audience and the mild breeze in the air with the sun just about to say goodnight was the perfect setting to a mesmerising performance.

The trio played new song Sunrise which Beth wrote during lockdown and they hadn’t yet played it much live. A song that means a lot to them, Never Alone was also played to which they said;

After losing some special to us this song is about mental health and the darkness of how isolated it can make you feel. The song is about help in that place and a sense of belonging and knowing you’re not alone”

A great bluesy version of Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder had the audience singing along and Time Has Come had a fun audience participation moment which didn’t go perfectly but as they said “was close enough”.

Wildwood Kin live in an open aired festival setting are incredibly atmospheric. Stunningly beautiful harmonies with breathtaking instrumentals, you couldn’t fault their performance.

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