Nibley Festival: Noble Jacks – Live Review

Noble Jacks graced the main stage of Nibley Festival in Gloucestershire on Saturday 2nd July 2022.

A packed festival but not in an overcrowded way, many festival goers were set up and ready to see the band.

Hailing from Brighton, UK the band are a highly talented Folk/Americana band and their most recent album, Last Of The Wild, charted straight into the Top 40 Official Americana Album Chart.

Noble Jacks took to the stage to a rapturous applause and a mighty cheer. An exciting yet relaxed environment, people of all ages were watching the band. Some at the front, some dancing from every viewpoint and some simply soaking in the music from their camping seats.

Noble Jacks are the perfect festival band, their talent truly shines on the stage. Showcasing their exceptional musicianship, songwriting skills and fun stage presence, they delivered a fantastic crowd pleasing performance throughout.

The fiddle was wonderfully chilling with its sounds soaring throughout the Nibley skies and the bass and beats had even small children dancing away. The set was so good that it would be hard to find anyone who didn’t enjoy it.

Noble Jacks are what Nibley Festival is all about; Family friendly, energetic, engaging, fun and humorous. During the end of one song, some drilling was going on side of stage to which they said “always thought this song was missing something. We take these guys on tour with us everywhere although we can’t afford them at the small events”.

New song Oceans which they said was a song about courage went down a treat and was beautifully played. A brilliant version of The Devil Went Down To Georgia was an absolute highlight for us and many others. You can’t beat the sounds and the energy from the fiddle on that song. We have seen Charlie Daniels Band and Zac Brown Band perform that song live and Noble Jacks were just as good.

Closing with the upbeat and energetic Blacksmith Stomp, the band were on absolute fire.

Noble Jacks brought an absolute blinding set to Nibley Festival and proved just how amazing the Americana genre is. Flawless from start to finish (even with the drilling) Noble Jacks infectious sounds have left us wanting more and we will undoubtedly be off to see them live again soon.

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