British Summertime (BST Hyde Park)

BST Hyde Park: Cam proved her headline worthy status with her stunning set at BST Hyde Park supporting Eagles – Review

The lovely Cam who we always describe as sunshine, always puts on such a wonderful performance whenever we see her. However, at BST Hyde Park, supporting Eagles, Cam delivered an even more special performance.

Cam is one of the best vocalists in country music and just about one of the sweetest too. Skipping on stage with such joy, Cam broke straight into the infectious Diane. Immediately, Cam captivated the Eagles fans and soon enough her crowd got bigger and bigger. Born for the big stages, she owned the Great Oak stage as her powerful vocals soared across Hyde Park.

Delighting fans with her bubbly personality, Cam talked about the songs she had written and how excited she was to be there. Side of stage stood Cam’s husband and 2 and half year old daughter whom eventually fell asleep during one of the more calming songs. (I can’t remember which one) As Cam’s vocals sound like a beautiful lullaby, it’s no wonder her daughter drifted off to sleep.

The majority of songs performed were from her second studio album The Otherside.

Breathtakingly emotive moments came from songs Forgetting You, Palace (which was recorded by Sam Smith and co written with Cam and Tyler Samuel Johnson) and Redwood Tree. Cam mentioned her love for the giant Oak Tree on stage and how fitting it was for the song Redwood Tree.

Changes a song that Harry Styles co wrote was the perfect festival song and Cam pulled off the Harry Styles whistle to which she worried she wouldn’t be able to do.

Cam spoke of how her grandmother influenced the song Till There’s Nothing Left. Her grandmother gave her the sex talk when she was 12 and said once you have done it, you always want it” . The song is absolutely sensational and shows what an insanely talented songwriter Cam is as well as singer and performer.

Closing the set with Burning House, those that knew the song sang every word and those who didn’t were likely going to go home to learn them. The song is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and Cam always has the audience giggling with her honesty of not being such a kind person to someone in the past of whom the song is written about.

Cam is without a doubt a headliner. She brings so much energy and joy to her audience and makes you forget about all the worries in the world for a moment. If fans in the audience didn’t like country music, they certainly did now.

We hope to see Cam headline a show like this one day!

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