Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival Food and Drink: Beetle Juice – The Cocktail Bar in a WV Campervan – We Tried It, We Loved It, We Want It Back!

The Town Square at C2C Festival is one of the highlights of the weekend. A place where you can see well established and up and coming artists on stage up close and personal and a place with a good amount of stalls to look around and somewhere you can grab food and drink too. It is no wonder people spend all day in there.

Opposite the Town Square stage was a vintage WV Camper van hosting a delightful cocktail bar named Beetle Juice.

Manned by two or more staff at a time, Beetle Juice was thriving throughout the weekend with a generous menu full of flavoursome cocktails and more.

The bar was eye catching in its unique setting and the placement was the perfect spot so you could grab a drink and not miss any of the music.

Old Fashioned Spritz: Bourbon, Sicilian Orange, Rosemary and Sage Tonic

A well managed queue, Beetle Juice was constantly busy but the queue times were minimal due to the expertise and efficiency of the staff.

We had the signature Beetle Juice cocktail which had Gin, Raspberry, Apple, Lime and Lychee. It was absolutely delicious!!! Very refreshing with generous amounts of alcohol which kept us happy!

We also had an Old Fashioned Spritz which has Bourbon, Sicilian Orange and Rosemary and Sage Tonic! Also Delicious!

Beetle Juice Cocktail with Gin, Raspberry, Apple, Lime and Lychee

We loved it at Beetle Juice and hope the organisers of C2C Festival bring them back every year because we aren’t Whiskey or beer drinkers in particular so this suited us perfectly! Plus…it was my (Hannah) first drink since having my baby back in 2020 and let’s just say that it showed…..

The company who run Beetle Juice also had a Aperol Spritz van in the Town Square. We planned to visit but our schedules were just too busy but from what we saw, the queues were always busy but short in timescales and it was manned very well. However, for us, I think it will always be Beetle Juice and yes we have tried saying it three times to make one of their cocktails appear in front of us but it hasn’t happened….yet!

Running a festival, event, wedding or a party? You can hire the vans staffed or unstaffed. Info can be found here

Check out their website here

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