Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Shy Carter Is Welcome Back Anytime to the UK – C2C Festival- O2 London – Live Review

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt

One of the best things about Country 2 Country Festival is the amount of new artists you can discover. C2C fans, like us will spend a lot of time researching all the artists on the line up way before the event starts and learning an artists entire back catalogue. By the time the artists play here, they have an entire crowd singing all their songs back to them which always catches them off guard.

This was definitely a case for Shy Carter this year. Shy Carter,a well established songwriter has been releasing his own music since last year with his sensational Rest of Us EP. When he was announced as part of the CMA Songwriters Series, we delved into his songwriting credits as well as playing his own music non-stop and we were not the only ones.

By the time Shy played the CMA Songwriters show he created so much buzz that every show he played at C2C were completely packed. We went to see him at The Town Square on Friday. An almost full house Shy greeted his audience with a bounce in his step and a cheery grin and broke right into Beer With My Friends which he sings with Cole Swindell on the recorded version.

Performing beautifully with his band. Shy treated fans with his beautifully soulful music as well as playing us his own versions of some of the songs he had written for/with other artists. Stuck Like Glue (Sugarland) was a truly fun and engaging moment with almost the entire crowd singing and dancing along. His beat boxing into to that is just insane, it is so so good. The crowd got even louder for his song that Kane Brown released called Heaven.

It was his released music where he truly shone on stage for us though. Exquisite songs such as Good Love went down a storm and Shy’s vocals were flawless and Joyful and the moment felt celebratory.

Hurry was another unforgettable moment for us. Sung to perfection, the wonderfully soulful song wowed the crowd. It is such a fantastic song.

Shy’s interaction with his audience was on point throughout. Confident and witty as well as charming, Shy dedicated and sang to a lady in the audience who was celebrating being with her husband for many years. Shy mentioned her name in the lyrics and got us all to join in.

The entire set was flawless and fun and Shy has definitely built himself one heck of a loyal fanbase here in the UK.

So please come back Shy. We think a main stage spot should be available next C2C and we also need a full concert tour please.

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