Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Meet Beetle Juice the Cocktail Bar in a Camper Van that you MUST visit during the weekend!

Gracie Belle Camper Van

This year C2C Festival is going to be ‘one to remember’ and more so than most years simply due to the fact Covid postponed it for two years and we could all do with a massive celebration! As well as celebrating by live music, we will all be celebrating by seeing old friends for the first time in ages and celebrating meeting new ones too.

We must admit that we did not expect to have anything other than the main stage arena this year due to covid so having all the other stages including the Town Square is a most welcome surprise!

We are also so happy to welcome back all the vendors and perhaps welcome some new ones for the very first time.

One vendor that we are very excited to welcome back is Beetle Juice. ( A favourite movie of mine so absolutely love this name and it’s so clever)

Don’t worry, there are no beatles in your drinks and sadly I don’t think Michael Keaton will make an appearance but how cool would that be?

For those who enjoy a cocktail (even if just as a treat) why not treat yourself to one at Beetle Juice? Whether you are alone or with friends/family, pop by the WV Camper van in the Town Square and soak in the weekend and make it as fun as you can.

Beetle Juice are a cocktail bar within a wv camper van. Founded in 2012 in Farnham, Surrey, Beetle Juice have been delighting folk with their delicious cocktails at festivals, private events and more since they began.

For C2C they will be bringing WV camper van Gracie Belle. Gracie is their original bar from 2012!

The team will be mixing up some cocktail classics as well as some specialty cocktails and we simply cannot wait!

The menu will include drinks such as;

Dark n Stormy –
Dark rum, ginger beer, lime and bitters.
Beetle Juice –
Gin, Lychee, Raspberry, Apple and Lime
Long island
Old fashioned Spritz
Tequila and Pickled Pear Spritz

Kentucky MuleBourbon Whiskey, Lemon and Ginger

Sayulita Spritz

These refreshingly good cocktails are full of flavour (and alcohol obviously) and will no doubt create a buzz that will put you in the partying mood all day and all night! The setting and experience is so fun and such a wonderful novelty!

C2C Festival is so close I can almost touch it and Beetle Juice cocktails are so close I can almost taste them and taste them we will!

Check them out here

Follow them on Instagram here

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