Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Why Robyn Ottolini will be a fun performer to catch at the festival and how she will leave you really enjoying your weekend, putting your anxieties behind you shouting “Hakuna Ma-Vodka, No Worries baby!”

We have all missed live music so much so this years Country 2 Country Festival is going to be pretty special! Fans and artists alike will be emotional and it will be somewhat of a celebration and will bring the community even closer than it already is.

Country music is all about the emotions, the story telling and the connections as well as the fun! We want to hear heartbreaking ballads as well as upbeat party type songs. Well we are definitely going to get that mix with Robyn Ottolini.

Signed to Warner Music Nashville and hailing from Canada, Robyn is described as the Eminem of country music, well sort of….(as her website states). More from her website describes:

Robyn Ottolini isn’t a guy who raps, but she does make music that will either piss you off or make you fall in love with her. Maybe a little of both. Whether she’s cursing or calling out a cheating ex, if it needs saying, Robyn is the one to say it.

What we have heard so far from Robyn makes us think we will be in for a treat with her live shows. She has such a beautiful voice that is very inviting! Her songs are really diverse and are songs that we can all appreciate and enjoy!

Robyn will have us relating to the fabulous F150 from her EP I’m Not Always Put Together EP

The song, she says “Is about a truck, I sing country music so it’s about a truck”. It’s not your typical truck song though. There’s no “I’m driving down a dirt road bla bla bla” but is in fact a sad ballad about a breakup. Yes there are a ridiculous amount of songs about breakups but you know what? Most of us go through that and every song relates to someone. This song is about thinking you are over a breakup but then you see that one thing that brings back memories, that one reminder and every time you see that one thing ( and in this case an F150) it sets off triggers and well…. drives you crazy with anxiety and heartbreak.

Robyn’s F150 could be someone else’s Corsa, someone’s BMW or not even a car just something that holds that awful reminder and makes us irrationally hate whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be completely the same experience for a song to relate but as Yoda would say “relate to this song you will”.

But then I see an F-150
And all the memories of you just hit me
You’re driving right through my mind
And every time, I think I’m fine
I see the headlights of an F-150

Don’t be fooled by those triggers though, they trick you into thinking you haven’t and can’t move on but more often than not you have moved on and it’s simply just a trigger and eventually even those triggers will fade and that then leads us to her last verse.

The last chorus is about moving on which gives us a positive ending.

I don’t even notice all those F-150’s
I’ve been making myself new memories
At the drive-ins, the late nights, the tailgates, and the bonfires, yeah
I’ll be slowing down, growing up, making love
But it won’t be us, no

The EP that the song is from includes a stunning country ballad titled Tell You Everything (Not Put Together) which will really pull in the traditional country fans as has those beautiful traditional country instruments throughout the melody. Another powerfully beautiful ballad from the same EP is Trust Issues (Not Put Together) these two songs are acoustically breathtaking and Robyn’s voice is a melody in itself.

Robyn’s fun attitude reflects in her music as well as her emotive side and I can imagine both will most definitely reflect in her live performances. We are particularly eager to see Sincerely, Drunk Me live from her EP The But I’m Not Always Sad Either EP. The second part to her I’m Not Always Put Together EP which is the more upbeat, “moving on” half of the two. Sincerely, Drunk Me is so much fun with so much personality and again, is another relatable tune. All the stupid things you do when you’re drunk…..

Well, I think we should talk about me

I’ve done some stupid shit you wouldn’t believe (Get ready)

I broke into a house one night to charge my phone, hmm (Is that even legal?)

And then I drunk dialed my ex sixty times

Yeah, honey, in one night (Hello? Are you there?)

It’s called makin’ mistakes, and baby, that’s how you grow (Hello?)

(If this is your voicemail, can you call me back?)

It’s not just about those stupid things you do when you’re drunk but also those bathroom “heart to hearts” we ladies in particular are so familiar with on a night out! Your friend is crying in the club bathroom (or maybe even someone you don’t know ) and you tell them how great they look and how much you love them and so on and compliment their outfit. Yeah! I have been there many times. I always chat sh** to girls in club bathrooms and tell them how amazing they are and loads of “expert” advice always comes flooding out too!

But now you’re here in this bathroom

Cryin’ and judgin’ yourself, stop that

Here’s some standup advice

From a girl who can’t stand up herself


If you think that you’re shitty, you’re probably not

Love that outfit, where’d you get that top?

Yeah, nobody hates ya, еspecially me

Hakuna ma-vodka, no worries, baby

Don’t think for a sеcond you’re not, like, totally worth it

Your mascara isn’t runnin’, your makeup’s not ruined

This message was brought to you by the messin’-up queen

Sincerely, drunk me

I am going to be using Hakuna Ma-Vodka from now on haha!

Robyn brings a rockier edge in Hold Me Back. It’s one of those fun angry songs that not many people can pull off but Robyn really does. Live, this song will be truly epic. Think Crazy Ex Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert and Good For You by Olivia Rodrigo, it’s that kind of vibe!

One of Robyn’s stronger country sounding songs is I Get It! A song about a first broken heart and finally being able to relate to other girls when they say they need to eat ice cream, drink wine and so on. It’s a sad sad song that has so much innocence and naivety in the lyrics. The melody is simple yet perfect for its story because you can really feel the pain behind the words with the help from the somewhat lethargic melody. Trust me, I mean that in a great way because when you’re in pain you can’t find the motivation to pick yourself up again at times and this melody really reflects that! It’s like a soundtrack to your movements and mood!

I hope that we get to hear all of these songs live as well as her sweet song Daddy’s Daughter. Now this isn’t a ballad like the title would probably assume. The songs tells of all of those questioning yourself moments but then remembering all I have to be is my daddy’s daughter and anything else that comes good is a bonus! I love the words about him being the one who got her into country music and that he is the first to listen to all her songs as that is a question we do ask in some interviews.

I think it is safe to say that we can expect a really memorable set from Robyn. She will undoubtedly have us crying, crying again but with laughter, have us enjoying the moment and most importantly she will have us celebrating music and celebrating what a special weekend C2C will be and have us thinking Hakuna Ma- Vodka, hell to all those who hurt me and p***ed me off!

We can’t wait!!!!!

Robyn, let’s get us some Hakuna Ma-Vodka!!!!

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