Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Why We Think Shy Carter Is Going To Be The Next ‘Big Thing’ In Country Music and a Favourite at this years C2C Festival

Shy Carter may be a new name to some but his work will be something most people will instantly recognise. Having started his career as a songwriter mostly (as has collaborated as an artist on songs with artists too) Shy has a ridiculously impressive resume when it comes to songwriting credits including Speak to a Girl (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill), Heaven (Kane Brown) and fans of Sugarland would love the story behind him writing Stuck Like Glue.

So many songwriters have exceptional voices and many have tried their hands at a record deal but for whatever reason it hasn’t always worked out. Thankfully it worked out for Shy Carter and deservedly so.

I get to review a lot of music but it is very easy for me to lose that inspiration at times and to lack passion and it can be very difficult for me to be excited by an artist because I am inundated with so much music to review. I am also a full time mum to two young boys so I barely have a chance to listen to music as much as I would like, especially to a certain timeframe. These days my days are filled with Mario Kart, Shaun the Sheep’s Baa Baa Shop Quartet (awesome by the way) Pokemon and “Muuuuuuum” being shouted about 1000 times a day. (I love it though, it’s the best “job” in the world). Every so often though, I do get to sneak in a song or two and sometimes the kids actually do enjoy it! Not always but they did in this case.

Shy was one of few artists whom had successfully found his way through all the mum interruptions, who had outshined a group of harmonious model sheep and an artist who had finally got everyone to stop singing about Bruno. That’s how addictive his music is from the very first note of whichever song you choose to hear first (yes they are all brilliant). My one year old immediately cheered and held his hands out to the TV as you tube was playing The Rest of Us The title track from his debut album. Download album here

A country ballad at its best, the song just reels you in with its glorious melody and Shy’s soulful, gravely toned vocals are so infectious that they really hit the spot! It’s a relatable song about being one of those not so perfect people and making mistakes once in a while!

Then there’s the rest of us
Burning everything they touch 
Who keep doing things, ruin things, losing things
And screwing things up
Then there’s the rest of us
Using love as a weapon
Confusing hell for heaven 
Praying grace will be enough

It was such a breath of fresh air hearing Shy’s music for the first time and I felt ridiculous for not listening upon its release in 2021 but hey, I have a good excuse. All 8 of the tracks are stand out songs that are all worthy of being singles. The drinking song Beer with my Friends feat Cole Swindell is such a fun, party tune that needs to be a part of every country nightclub playlist.

Wild is a fantastic fun country tune that should be played all over country radio. It is such a catchy song that it deserves to be a chart topper.

Hurry is a favourite. The intro just grabs your attention immediately. The song is so different from anything in country music right now and Shy’s vocals in this are insanely good and go right through you, in a good way.

Lay You Down is very radio friendly too and has a fun toe-tappin’ beat. This song I feel will be somewhat of a summer anthem. I can already hear it being cranked up load in people’s cars and blasting out of the bars and houses.

Hard is another favourite as is just so beautiful! I have completely fallen in love with Shy’s voice and songwriting. The chorus is just so emotive and has a churchy feel to it! I just adore it!

Good Love is an inspirational masterpiece with a joyful melody that has a really cool 90’s R&B twist to it, this is one of the best songs that I have heard in a long time.

Rhythm and BlueJeans is another song that has chart topper potential. Another song that could also be a summer anthem this song will probably be one that audiences sing a long to the most. It’s just so uplifting and happy!

It’s not just Shy’s music that grabs you. Shy’s fun and kind personality, his wonderfully cheery smile and his exciting stage presence just makes him that much more enjoyable. I urge you to spend some time on his you tube channel and watch his live performances, his radio tour (all short videos), his stories behind writing for others videos and his hilarious Tik Tok videos serenading fast food drive thru employees. It’s all of this that makes me want to set my C2C Festival schedule around seeing more than one of his sets. His part of the CMA Songwriters series is bound to be fun, engaging and emotional. His solo sets on the festival stages across the weekend will be uplifting and energetic. This guy, this Shy guy (yep I went there) is going places and I would be very surprised if he doesn’t become one of this years C2C Festival highlights.

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