Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

Why We Cannot Wait for Darius Rucker to Headline Country 2 Country Festival

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt for Building Our Own Nashville

It seems like a lifetime since we last went to C2C Festival. We are almost too scared to be excited at the moment just in case it doesn’t go ahead but we are feeling a lot more confident since live events have come back and shows have been taking place at the O2 Arena including acts from the US so I think we can get a little excited now!

Darius Rucker is an artist that we are particularly excited to see. Whether you have seen him live 100 times or never before you can guarantee that he will put on a phenomenal and unforgettable performance that will leave you having the best night!

Photo Credit: Ruby Gaunt for Building Our Own Nashville

Having played in the UK multiple times as a solo artist and as part of Hootie and The Blowfish, Darius’ loyalty to his UK fans is undeniable. The connection that he has with his UK fans is truly wonderful and that is why he keeps coming back and why we keep going to see him. Darius played a spectacular performance at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2018 and gave us one of greatest shows we have ever seen, so much so in fact, we decided he deserved the title of The Greatest Showman instead of Barnum/Hugh Jackman.

Rucker has 7 studio solo albums at the moment (One Christmas) so we can expect a generous setlist with his best hits, the album tracks that we love and hopefully some new music such as My Masterpiece, Beers and Sunshine and more? His music has a range of fun-lovin’ “out of your chair” tunes, arena filled sing alongs and stunning ballads which we love to sit back and listen to.

It wouldn’t be a Darius show without the likes of Alright, Wagon Wheel and Come Back Song but I do hope we still get songs such as It Won’t Be Like This for Long and This and of course some Hootie songs. I can’t imagine he won’t play a Hootie tune or two.

Darius is just so much fun on the stage and his upbeat stage presence is highly energetic and incredibly infectious as is his adorable dancing and he always gets us dancing too. A man that has deserved the main stage headline slot at C2C for a long time now, We are glad that it is finally happening.

Having had such a long time without live music and Darius and the rest of the C2C line up having to postpone since 2020, we have no doubt in our minds that Darius set will be somewhat of a celebration that will bring, Laughter, Joy, Tears, dancing, loud singing and will bring everyone together.

We simply cannot wait for it!

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